Does Sex Still Sells?

Sex ads

‘Sex sells’ is the most commonly heard phrase by the people in the advertising industry. Whether you’re into it or not, still everyone is familiar with the phrase, ‘sex sells’.

Sex in advertising is the use of sexually provocative or erotic imagery or sounds that are specifically designed to arouse interest in a particular product, service or brand.

Sex is very prevalent in the advertising and marketing world. Earlier, we have only seen images of beautiful women used to lure viewers in, but today we can see plenty of hunky guys featuring in advertisements. Now a day’s both men and women are sexualised in order to promote and sell products.

Tom Reichert, professor and head of the department of advertising and public relations in the UGA Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication said, “Advertisers use sex because it can be very effective. Sex sells because it attracts attention. People generally notice sexually relevant information, so ads with sexual content get noticed.”

When ads are more sexually provocative, men and women are drawn to them. If your advertisement creates a sexual situation, it will get the desired response.

Diesel jeans, Axe body spray, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret all these are the bands using sex in advertisements or you can say selling sex.

Carl’s Jr. is using female models to promote their burgers. Bikini-clad women can be seen promoting burgers.

Diesel jeans campaign, “Sex Sells, unfortunately we sell jeans”, they have photographed handsome men and hot women splayed out sexually on leather couches and have worn bed comforters. No idea about how many jeans the campaign actually sold, but it certainly raised brand awareness for Diesel after going viral on the internet.

Victoria’s Secret is on the top of the lingerie brands and is known for picking the best looking models with a sexy look. The campaign portrays teenage women on a spring break in a very sexual ways. Victoria secret is the most popular brand of lingerie.

Sex, is something what people crave for. Sex in advertisements plays a major role in promoting a brand as people get attracted towards it. So, sex actually sells in the advertising Industry.


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