Don’t you get enough time for exercise? Top 5 Health Tips For Working Women

Health Tips For Working Women

Health Tips For Working Women: Introducing working women with the word superwomen would not be an epiphany because they are masters of time management. Can you imagine? They can do everything within the time span of 18 hours, and the same routine keeps recurring every day. Usually, the lives of men have considered harder than women as the efforts of homemakers were unacknowledged most of the time. The scenario has changed now, and working women work twice than working men who only work for 8 or 9 hours a day. (Health Tips For Working Women)

The work for women doesn’t start from 10 to 6, but actually they start working from 5:30, or 6 in the morning, and continue working till they sleep at 11or more. So, when it comes to counting the hours, they work for some 16 or 18 hours per day. As I mentioned above, they can take care of everything and everyone including their husband, children, home, and office, but feel helpless when it comes to their own health. If this is the scenario with you, and people have started calling you with names, then it’s time you start thinking about yourself. So, it is to remind all super ladies that we are efficient enough to control this universe with will power, and emergent body fat is nothing if we determine to control it. (Health Tips For Working Women)

Healthy Body Should Be Your Priority Rather Than Weight Loss

“I have no time for Gym,” I can’t exercise at morning as I have to Prepare breakfast, etc. are nothing but excuses because you have started pitying yourself for the routine you are trapped in. If you enjoy your work, but genuinely don’t get the time, then this article is for you. Today, I am going to share some tips; following which, you can soon return to your initial figure, and wear your favorite dresses you desperately wish you could fit in. Without letting you wait further let me now reveal the tips for a healthy body for working women. Before that, however, you need to know that your intention must be to have a healthy and fit body, and not to lose weight because it might negatively affect you.

Health Tips For Working Women

1. Try focusing on Physical Activities

If I have to explain it in a single line, I would say Take stairs rather than Lift or escalator. Opes! Yes, it might sound cruel initially but is worth it. If your office in on the 10th floor then, you must start taking stairs for 2-3 floors and increase the number with time. You should also try to walk as much as possible. Walking for 15 minutes would be okay at the start. If your workplace is nearby your location then you must prefer walking rather than taking Rickshaw. You can buy some energy drinks with the saved money. (Health Tips For Working Women)

2. Eat Healthy Food

Most people believe that sacrificing food is necessary if you want a healthy and toned body, but there is no bigger lie than this. You do need to avoid junk food, but the requirement of a healthy diet cannot be neglected. If you are a working woman, then you must carry healthy edibles in your bag. You can carry fruits, almonds, boiled veggies, yogurt, etc. Usually, in the busy routine life, we end up eating fast food like chips, biscuits, etc. and such stuff further deteriorates our health.

3. Try Deskercise

Women are caught in 9-5 sitting jobs often complaint they don’t get enough time for themselves. But, the plight of those working 9 hours for six days is more genuine. Getting time for exercise is next to impossible. If you too are a working woman and can relate with the above scenario, then you must try exercise. For those who have not heard about it, Deskercise is exercising you can perform sitting on your workstation.

4. Sitting Position severely impact your figure

Most often than not we find ourselves lying on the desk and reluctantly working. It is alright if it is only sometimes, but you must pay attention to your posture. Try sitting in the straight and your back should align with the chair. (Health Tips For Working Women)

5. Take as much liquid as possible

Water can resolve most of the physical problems, and you can avoid problems like obesity, acidity, dry skin, stomach issues and so on. Basically, you have to take as much liquid as possible as water is the dominating element in our bodies, and not just working women, everyone should take because it is the fundamental need of human beings.

There are many changes you can try in your daily routine to get a healthier and attractive body which is your right. Women mostly forget that maintaining their figure is also one of their responsibilities. So, if you don’t have enough time for exercise, then you can try the above tips to recover from health problems.


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