1. Tip 1: Go for pastels! The foremost styling tip is to choose the right shade of outfit. Pastels, nudes and beige color can never go wrong when it comes to corporate dress up!
  2. Tip 2: Choose closed toe heels over open ended bellies or peep-toes. If you are not comfortable in closed toe footwear, then make sure your feet are neat and nails properly cut and clean.
  3. Tip 3: Polished hair up dos’ always looks classy, rather than open loose hair. Try to make it look professional by going for knotted hair twist, high buns, side braids, etc.
  4. Tip 4: Ironed outfit is the thing your boss will notice you for! Never ever reach office in wrinkled cloths. It leaves a really bad impression and implies you are not serious about your work!
  5. Tip 5: When in doubt, always go for Whites! In corporate world, where one gets to meet executives from different parts of the world, and you are not sure every time, about the dressing culture of a particular company, rather than going skeptical, choose the wise color White!
  6. Tip 6: Business suits are ultimate saviors, any day. Be it conference meets or important product launch events, you can rely on business suits. Prefer to wear black, burgundy, navy and rust colors in business suits, other than these, remaining colors are non-professional.
  7. Tip 7: If you are fond of wearing short skirts but cannot due to corporate environment of your organization, then prefer to wear pencil skirts. A pair of pencil skirts looks professional as well as stylish to wear. If any day, you are running low on confidence, make sure to take out the best pencil skirt from your closet!
  8. Tip 8: Cloths are important but in business world, what leaves an instant impression about a person is his/her choice of wrist watch! Your watch should be classy and expensive, no matter how much your looks may in deviation.
  9. Tip 9: In office culture, florals and shimmers are a big NO-NO! Never wear beachy prints or party shimmer dress to office at any occasion. Prefer to wear a black dress or a black sari at your office parties and gatherings.
  10. Tip 10: Always keep your nails short and manicured. French manicured nails looks decent and classy, but if you are not a very big fan of French manicures and alike then try to color your nails light/nude paints and not bulky colors such as maroons and blacks.
  11. Tip 11: Make sure you appear at office in fitted cloths and not loosed and baggy outfits, which looks highly unprofessional. Also, do not go for cloths which are too fitted!
  12. Tip 12: If you wear contact lenses, cut down on colored contacts and wear spectacles instead, or switch to transparent contact lenses.
  13. Tip 13: Your pants should be professionally stitched, i.e., in bellbottoms or trouser forms and not skin hugging types, or ripped-rugged types. The color that goes with corporate dress up is mainly black and then grey.

Lastly, remember to smile!


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