Drink Red Wine for Better Gut Health

Red wine

Red wine is prepared by the alcoholic fermentation of purple or black grapes. Intake of red wine may be better for your body, especially the stomach. It is better than drinking other types of alcohol.

Caroline Le Roy and colleagues at King’s College London studied on 3000 people and found that red wine drinkers had a greater variety of bacteria living in their guts, compared to people who consumed beer, cider, white wine or spirits. The team found that this held true even when the age, wealth, diet and socioeconomic status of the participants were taken into account.

Having a variety of microbes in the gut, rather than just a few main strains of microorganism, is thought to be good for the health.

Dr. Le Roy said that red wine contains more of a variety of microbes than other drinkers because of polyphenols, defense chemicals in red wine that act as antioxidants. This is the reason it is said that red wine is linked to heart health.

It is not necessary that one has to consume daily rather consuming once in every two week seemed to be enough to observe an effect on gut. But this doesn’t mean, one starts consuming it very often later becomes addicted to it and instead of positive results negative results start cropping up. No doctor will recommend drinking on medical grounds as Polyphenols are also available from a range of other foods besides red wine says Boniface.

Alcohol consumption varies in different countries. In the UK and Netherlands, only one glass of wine or a pint of beer a day is recommended. In the US it is two glasses, and in Mediterranean countries and Chile the people are more relaxed in its consumption.

Though, it is always suggested that everyone should drink less and also the levels of alcohol use are reducing in most countries, especially in young adults, one in 20 deaths globally are occurring due to alcohol consumption, making it 100 times more harmful than cannabis, cocaine and heroin.

Consuming any amount of alcohol is said to increase the risk of many diseases, including cancers, and liver disease. Still a number of studies also seem to suggest consuming red wine in very low doses is beneficial.

But instead of Red wine there are also many other food sources containing polyphenols, which are natural defense chemicals found in nuts and seeds as well as many brightly colored vegetables and fruits, including grapes. In grapes, polyphenols are mostly found in the skins. They include the tannins that have a drying effect on our tongue that promotes good health in people, and they also act as energy for our gut bacteria. This perhaps explains why red wine has a much stronger effect on gut bacteria than white wine. Although non-alcoholic grape juice also contains polyphenols, the fermented version contains more.

Anyways the researchers have recommended a small glass of wine fortnightly.

Though low doses of red wine are beneficial but it is always useful to consume natural products and be eco-friendly with the nature. This will have zero risk for health problems.

“Be Natural and Live Natural”


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