Easy Fitness Routine One Can Follow As Long As One Wants

Routine Fitness Exercises

Routine Fitness Exercises: Exercises should be the daily routine of one, as it is very much required for a brain boost, better quality sleep, healthy looks, and happy working. Each one does carry work out for different reasons. Some people go to the gym, some do in parks, some do yoga and some people do at home. Exercises done anywhere are good, but it should be done regularly. Internally our body is very complex, though externally it looks very simple. Externally, it is just a cover of the inner infrastructure. So, inner infrastructure has to be maintained properly in order to have a good external appearance.

It is not necessary that one has to do hard Exercises in order to be lean; one can also work smartly for one hour to keep oneself lean. Some of the smart exercises are described below.

At any time of the day, one should give one hour to self for routine exercises daily. Preferably in the morning between 4 to 6 am, if that is not feasible then decide your own time of one hour and make it a practice at the same time daily but remember one should have a gap of 2 to 3 hours between the food taken and exercises.

The breakup of one hour should be 20 to 30 minutes exercises, 10 to 20 minutes Pranayama and 5 to 10 minutes meditation. Initially one should start with less time and gradually can increase. For the convenience schedule is described below.

Exercises (30 minutes)

Routine Fitness Exercises 1 Exercise for Improving Mind Power (1 to 3 min.)

It can be done in any of the ways:

First, stand and look straight inhale deeply and then exhale with the same force. It is important to exhale as forcefully as the inhalation then only this act will have positive effects.

Second, bend the neck backward and look upward in the Sky with your eyes open then similarly inhale and Exhale forcefully with equal force.

Advantages: This extracts accumulated mucus from the head, breathing through the nose becomes easy, lungs get pure oxygen in them those who have cough accumulated in their lungs or suffer from breathing problem must practice it regularly, this will clean the lungs and will be able to receive oxygen in great quantity, it is very efficacious for asthma patients, this activity could be indulged by people of any age and could also be practiced by healthy persons and ailing as well, its practice increases memory power and eyesight for those suffering from mental diseases, it is extremely effective, it also helps heart patients and those suffering from high blood pressure.

Routine Fitness Exercises 2 for Improving the Eyesight (1 to 3 min.)

keep both the feet together, straight the portion from feet to shoulder, tilt the neck backward completely and remain standing, keep looking at the Sky with both eyes, when the eyes feel tired close them before tears come out. Open the eyes and resume the practice, do this for 5 minutes.

Advantages: Practice of this exercise removes all the defects of the eyes and eyesight improve and one gets vulture eyesight by practicing this exercise regularly for a minimum 40 days spectacles get removed and natural eyesight is obtained.

Routine Fitness Exercises 3 Cheeks Power Promoting Exercise (1 to 3 min.)

Put your feet together, shaping the lean body straight, join the front portion of the eight fingers of both the hands, close both nostrils with the thumbs of both the hands, make your face into the shape of a crows beak, keep the eyes open inhale from the mouth creating the sound forcefully. Then inflate the cheats and keep the chin on Front thymus as long as a breath can be held. It should be retained with the tongue placed normally looking forward open the nostrils and exit through your nose.

Advantages: This makes the cheeks pink, the need of artificial cosmetics is eliminated, it gives a glow to the face and makes it attractive, the problem of bad breath is also overcome, pimples, boils do not occur, hollow and wrinkled cheeks fill up, pyorrhea and other diseases of the mouth are cured.

Routine Fitness Exercises 4 for Improving The Hearing (1 to 3 min.)

Join both the feet, keep the lean body straight, keep the mouth closed and then close both the ears with both thumbs, close both eyes with both index fingers, close both nostrils with both middle fingers, closed mouth with both Ring and little fingers, now make the mouth like a crow’s beak suck the outside air, inflate the cheeks and perform Jalandhar bandh. Hold the breath as per capacity, after that bring the neck in normal position remove both hands, open both eyes and slowly take out the inside air through the nose.

Advantages: Practice of this exercise removes ear-related diseases. Hearing power improves and undeveloped hearing starts developing.

Routine Fitness Exercises 5 for Strengthening the neck (1 to 3 min.)

This can be done in three ways:

First: Stand and look straight then move the neck with the slight jerk to the right and then bring it to the centre then again with the slight jerk to the left and come back to the centre, while turning to the left look behind the left shoulder, while turning to the right look behind the right shoulder, while performing this act keep the shoulders straight there will not be any kind of Movement in the Shoulders. This should be done at least 15 to 20 times on both sides equally.

Second: Stand and look straight then move the neck with the head hanging behind and then bend it forward resting the chin on chest, this act should be practiced 15 to 20 times, and those who suffer from the neck for back pain should not bend the neck forward while practicing it.

Third: Stand straight, rest the chin on the chest, move the neck from right to left and left to right in a circular motion. While doing this activity, the shoulder need not be pushed upward. This should not be practiced by those suffering from neck pain; this should be performed 15 to 20 times equally on both sides.

Advantages: This makes the neck shapely and thin, those who have excessive fat on their neck should practice it, its practice eliminates diseases connected with the neck; those who suffer from pain in the neck should learn it properly and then do it.

Routine Fitness Exercises 6 for Strengthening the Shoulders (1 to 3 min.)

This can be done in two ways:

First: Stand straight and take the right hand above straight in such a way that the arm is sticking to the ear and palm facing outward, then bring it down repeat this motion of right hand 10 to 15 times similarly do this exercise with the left hand, thereafter practice with both the hands simultaneously, remember while lifting palms of both hands must be facing out words.

Advantages: Excessive fat on the shoulder is reduced, the muscles get massaged, shoulders become strong, those people whose shoulders become erect must practice gradually, and the practice of this exercise makes the hands shapely and beautiful.

Second: Stand straight and then put the left-hand thumb on the Palm and make it into a fist thereafter move the hands in a circular motion from the shoulder, first beginning in the front then the same way backward, then repeat this with the right hand and thereafter both the hands simultaneously. Remember, while doing it, only the arms should move and the rest of the lean body should remain erect, the exercise should be done 10 to 15 times in the beginning then its practice should be increased in accordance with the lean body’s capacity.

Advantages: The practice of this exercise removes stiffness of the shoulders, muscles are massaged, and shoulders become shapely and beautiful also turns one into lean body.

Routine Fitness Exercises 7 Chest Power Promoting Exercise (1 to 3 min.)

Keep both the feet together, lean body straight from feet to head, make a fist and keep the fingers inside the fist then bring both the hands in front now move from front to back by inhaling and bring the chest back. Remain in this position for some time and by exhaling come back in the original position, repeat it for five times.

Advantages: This exercise removes lung problems, the chest becomes broad, breast become sturdy and firm, the heart becomes strong, tuberculosis, asthma, cough, and other cough related problems are cured, and those who have a weak heart or a heart ailment should practice this for 5 minutes daily also turns into lean body

Routine Fitness Exercises 8 for improving the mooladhara and swadhisthana Chakra power (1 to 3 min.)

Stand straight by keeping both feet and thighs together, keeping hips strongly together, pull the anus upwards by internal force and keep it for five minutes, now repeat the same by keeping about 8 cm distance between both the feet, now repeat the same by keeping about 50 cm distance between both the feet.

Advantages: It is useful in the diseases of anus and genitals, piles, fistula, bleeding piles, are cured very quickly, problems related to sperm count, Leucorrhea, other Sexual problems, uterus problems are cured, erection power is increased also turns one into lean body

Routine Fitness Exercises 9 for awakening the Kundalini power (1 to 3 min.)

Keep a distance of 8 to10 cm between both the feet, lean body straight from feet to head, Hit or strike the hips by both the heels one by one, on returning feet should come on the ground in the original state, repeat this 25 times

Advantages: Kundalini power gets awakened.

Routine Fitness Exercises 10 Engine running (1 to 3 min.)

By keeping both the feet together stand straight from feet to head, for the hands from elbow and make your hands into a fist with the thumb beneath the four fingers, now move the hands alternatively towards front and back like an engine shaft and after that hit the hips by feet alternatively. Keep in mind that the same leg and knee will be bending and the feet will be on the ground of same side whose hand is towards the front. Do this by jumping on the ground. Inhale and exhale by making sound like engine, elbow should not go behind the lean body and the heel must touch the hips. By increasing gradually do it 50 times.

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Advantages: Lean body becomes beautiful, healthy, strong, and fit. Lungs become more strong, no tiredness is felt even after having done a lot of work, surprisingly power flows in the lean body, chest becomes broad, thighs and calves become strong, obesity can also be overcome with the help of this exercise, face glows. This exercise, if done for 5 minutes has the same benefit as can be derived from jogging for approximately 5 km. This exercise is very useful for military, police persons and sprinters.

Initially, the time can be started with 1 min and gradually can increase up to 3 min.

Pranayama (20 min.)

Pranayama is the only source that increases the positive energy of the body, removes toxins and helps in perfect breathing.  So, it is the amalgamation of physical, mental and spiritual energy.

Kapalbhati Pranayam (3 to 5 min.)

In kapalbhati Pranayama only rechak (exhaling forcefully) is done. The effort is not put on inhaling but normal breathing is allowed. The entire concentration is on exhalation. While doing so, there is natural deflation and inflation in the abdomen and it has a special effect on muladhar swadishthan and manipurak chakras. Initially starting with 3 minutes it can go upto 5 minutes in the beginning if one gets tired then Shavasana can be done in between. While doing this one must think as he is throwing all the diseases of the body and negative thoughts.

Note: Initially one may experience stomachache or backache. This will gradually improve. Those having acidic tendencies should practice this for approximately 2 minutes daily.


  • It appears as if facial has been done, it glows and looks beautiful.
  • Removes allergy, cough, asthma, Sinusitis etc.
  • Removes diseases related to heart, lungs and brain.
  • Also keeps away obesity, diabetes, constipation, gastric trouble, acidity, prostate and kidney-related diseases.
  • Mind remains stable, calm and happy. Negative thoughts are destroyed which helps in getting rid of diseases like depression, etc.
  • Chakras are purified and there is a flow of divine power in all the chakras from the Muladhara chakra (root chakra) to Crown Chakra (Brahma randhra).

If required one can rest for 2 minutes in Shavasana

Anulom Vilom Pranayam (3 to 5 min.)

Sit in padmasana and keep the waist and neck straight. Eyes will remain close. Hands will be in the Anjali mudra (place left hand near the navel and on its palm the right palm, both palms should face skyward). Without making noise inhale. While doing this apply Jalandhar and mool bandh. Then close the eyes and keep the right hand again in Anjali Mudra and retain that position. In case one cannot retain the breath then bring the right hand again on the nostril. Open Jalandhar bandh and mool bandh. Open the eyes and exit from the right nostril and apply uddiyan bandh and then inhale from the same nostril. Again similarly retain and exhale by the left nostril then one cycle is complete. Repeat it as many times as one can. Inhalation retention and exhalation should be in the ratio of 1:4:2


  • All the nerves of the body get toned up.
  • Blood is purified.
  • The face glows.
  • Eyesight improves.
  • Skin trouble is cured.
If required one can rest for 2 minutes in Shavasana

Meditation (5 to 10 min.)

Sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana or Vajrasana, close your eyes and deeply feel the meditation dhun of OM and concentrate within the self. Focus only on one thing whichever is favorite of one, maybe any of the Godly figure, any lovable thing, any lovable dish, etc.

Along with it take a healthy diet. Try to consume fruits, vegetables, and sprouts.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and not professional medical advice. Always consult a doctor or a dietician before proceeding for any fitness program or making any changes in the diet.

“Consistency in Routine Exercises Will Always Keep One Healthy, Fit and Fine”


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