Eat Right to Beat Hangover


Alcohol is injurious to health; this is always written on the bottles itself but is always overlooked by the alcohol lovers. Actually, these addictions are never required by our body, people themselves have created their own mindset for its consumption. Moreover, some people accept it as a symbol of high-class society and to show off their richness but it is never a prestige of richness, in fact, it creates all kinds of nuisance inside the body and makes one ill.

Anyways, still if one is enjoying beer, cocktails or some bubbly with friends in parties, functions, weddings, etc. and before one realizes it’s after effects, will fall asleep and night rotate into day, and as soon as one wakes up, will find self with a massive hangover.

Hangover symptoms include fatigue, dehydration, a headache or muscle aches, dizziness, shakiness, rapid heartbeat — the brain may not respond to the ideas and thoughts.

Laura Veach, director of specialized counseling intervention services and associate professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine said that the aftereffect of hard drinks is realized when the alcohol in the blood becomes zero.

It gives warning that the immune system and an inflammatory reaction is involved when that hangover alarm traveling, from the central nervous system to the blood, then the blood alcohol concentration finally gets to zero.  This means when there are no traces of alcohol in the blood then the hangover symptoms are at their worst.

Therefore, one can overcome with hangovers with right drinking and eating items.

Of course, the best way to kick off a hangover is to avoid drinking, or to drink in moderation, and also to be aware of the risks that come after consuming a lot of alcohol.

According to a small study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research in 2009 suggested that the type of alcohol one consumes also affects the severity of the hangover. Compounds connected with alcohol fermentation, called congeners, are responsible to increased hangover symptoms. They are present in larger amounts in dark liquors, such as bourbon and whiskey, than in light-colored liquors, such as vodka or lighter beers. So a darker drink might result in a massive hangover.

Findings also say that overall, consuming large quantity of alcohol also adds on to the high hangover risks” said by Dr.Laura Veach. One should be aware of the link between hangover risks and drinking greater amounts of alcohol would help alleviate risky drinking patterns and hangovers.

It is also recommended that one should not take an empty stomach, which could worsen a hangover.

Dr. Arielle Levitan, a Chicago-based internal medicine physician and co-author of the book “The Vitamin Solution” said some “Food helps to slow down the rate at which one’s body absorbs alcohol”.

“Eating may provide one with some additional electrolytes and fluids, which will add to the hydration level “Alcohol depletes key vitamins and minerals from the body.”

Tips to treat a hangover

Since alcohol impairs our body’s absorption of certain nutrients, heavy drinking in some studies decline in levels of vitamin A, B vitamins, zinc, potassium and other key nutrients — but consuming the right foods can overcome the repercussions of alcohol intake.

Vitamin A is found in eggs, meat, fish and orange- and yellow-colored vegetables, such as sweet potatoes.

Vitamin B contained in Proteins, such as chicken or fish.

Asparagus is a green vegetable which is rich in zinc and a B vitamin called folate.

Animal proteins, nuts, whole grains and beans contain a good source of zinc. Avocados or bananas in addition to Zinc also offer a boost of potassium.

Dr. Romy Block, a Chicago-based specialist in endocrine and metabolism medicine who co-authored “The Vitamin Solution.” also said along with all these it is also important to stay hydrated, “If one wakes up with a hangover … drink good amounts of water right away”.

The US National Library of Medicine recommended having a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks for preventing a hangover. In turn, this would help one to drink less alcohol and also will save from decreased dehydration.

There are certain things to be strictly avoided for treating a hangover, many experts warn against taking medications containing acetaminophen, such as Tylenol, which may cause liver damage when combined with alcohol.

Thus “Eating right food will provide one with additional electrolytes and fluids, which will add to the hydration level”


 “Alcohol depleted key vitamins and minerals from the body are also regained”


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