The Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Of Dia Mirza Sets Her Apart From Others


With all the concerns regarding environment mounting up, Dia Mirza has been a true embodiment of protector of environment and ecology. She has been living an eco-friendly life since a long time and adding her bit in making the planet green, healthy and  a beautiful place. Recently, she was appointed as the first United Nations Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India.

An actor, producer, entrepreneur and now a paladin and an environmentalist , Dia Mirza is raising awareness about the environmental issues that need to be addressed around the world. She wants people to conserve nature, tackle climate change and inspire people to lead a sustainable life.

The environmentalist’s home is an epitome of a natural and organic abode. Her house which she and her husband renovated exudes positive vibrations.  Lovely earthen pots, green home, plants, greenery and the entry of birds in her garden make her home a perfect home.

She loves feeding birds and she believes that it is important to have some sort of wildlife in the urban jungle which we live in. She recycles her products in the kitchen, and in her daily life.  Also, she reused the wood that was abandoned and create a new, faded look of furniture at her home.

She says a big no to plastic and believes in conservation of water. She has own fertilizers and compost for her plants at home.

The actor has contributed in the arena of social change and conservation of our planet. Her immense beauty is in the work she is doing passionately for Earth.


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