Effective ideas for pregnancy fitness!

10 things a girl should take care during pregnancy

Effective ideas for pregnancy fitness!

Being pregnant is a beautiful feeling to be in. But this magnificent feeling comes with a responsibility of taking care of your health and body. Being fit during your pregnancy tenure is kind of really important as it will prepare you for your labor and childbirth. Generally, people tend to overcast that being a ‘couch potato’ during pregnancy is good for the child and therefore, every mother-to-be is always advised to take more and more ‘rest’. But this is not the case. In fact, during pregnancy, it becomes more vital for the mother to indulge in some light exercise and fitness routine and be active for most part of a day. Following listed are a few tips that you must take care of to make your gestation period active and healthy:

  1. During pregnancy, your body needs nourishment both for self and for the baby. Make sure to follow a good healthy food schedule and eating habits. Intake a light meal every 2 hours to make sure that you do not starve. As your baby grows, you naturally put on weight and it is nothing to worry over. Keep following a proper meal plan based on the calorie intake. Your daily intake depends on the body BMI (Body Mass Index). If your BMI is in healthy range, you need to feed yourself about 340 additional calories during second trimester and 450 additional calories in third trimester, per day.
  2. Do not indulge in heavy sports such as basketball, but try and play light sports or do light exercise. Tummy exercises such as doing abs workout or Pilates should not be considered. Doing yoga during pregnancy is also healthy. Do not go for intense yoga postures or forms like ‘nalli’ or ‘power yoga’ as it involves a lot of physical workout which is not recommended to a pregnant woman. If you find it difficult to do any light sports/yoga, you can put on your sneakers and go for a walk around any park. A 15-30 minute walk a day is enough. Always make sure to walk with caution to avoid any fall. Aslo read: 10 Things girl should take care during pregnancy
  3. Drink a lot of water. Being hydrated is the first sign of a health pregnancy. Dehydration may cause a lot of problems during pregnancy advancements, such as, reducing amount of blood reaching the placenta and risk of overheating that may trigger contractions. Although, there is no set number of glasses that a pregnant woman should consume, but keeping a check on whether you are taking in adequate liquid is to see the color of your urine. Dark yellow urine indicates that your body requires more water.
  4. Do not go for exercising or a walk in hot or humid weather conditions. During pregnancy, due to increased blood flow and higher metabolic rate, your body remains already warm and that is why it is important not to take much physical activity if temperature is soaring high.
  5. Lastly, always go and consult your doctor if even slightest problem persist.


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