How To Handle Emotional Stress During Pregnancy


Dear Mom,

Please don’t strain me out!!

“High-stress levels can leave lifelong mental scars on unborn”- A study.

Firstly, a hearty congratulations for the herald of the great news in your lives and secondly, I want to point out a grave issue during the pregnancy, which must be strictly avoided.

A pregnant Mom, can have an emotional turmoil at any point of time, be it at a happy occasion or a hilarious moment, obviously, even while witnessing the gloomy event. Hence, it is mandatory to keep the pregnant moms away from the emotional things or scenes, else be prepared for oodles of tears, for no reason, which also has a negative impact on her health. There are many pregnancy stress symptoms!

Who to Blame?

Well, blame those moody hormones. As the hormone level rises, neurotransmitters emerging from the brain are responsible for the different random mood swings, thus stressing out the would-be-mothers. They experience fatigue, depression and get uncomfortable. Despite of all the undergoing, they can seek help from none!

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Some tips for the stress relief for pregnancy are:

Workout Regularly:

Despite its numerous health and fitness benefits. The regular yoga or exercise also helps in aiding the mental stress as well as regulating various mood swings.

Proper diet:

A proper diet is always a must during the time of the pregnancy. It enhances both the health of the baby, along with its mom. It is prescribed to intake the diet enriched in the Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. This also does wonders to the mood and thus, helps in attaining stress relief in pregnancy.

Open-up about your stress:

Whether, it’s with your spouse or with your closed one, do talk openly about your emotional stress or something which is making you gloomy at any time of the day. This will definitely help!


Connect well to your unborn. Talk, chat or even sing to it. Just focus on your bump and do as it demands. If your bump signals your brain to rest, then do take rest!

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It is believed to be one of the biggest causes of the stress in the to-be mothers. Try to start and finish the work earlier than the usual time.


Kick in for the various de-stress therapies. Consult your doctor before applying any type of essential oils as few of the oils come especially for these mothers-to-be!

Pamper yourself:

It is the most essential time to make yourself happy. Go out, dress up, apply makeup and do whatever that makes you happy! But just be happy!

Keep smiling and relieve that stress off the body, mind and most importantly, the bump!


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