Employees Assume That They Can Do a Better Job than Their Boss

employee do Better Job than Their Boss

Very true, this attitude is rising to a greater extent among the youngsters now days. Earlier about two decades back, employees used to respect the boss from the bottom of heart and they were sincere and truthful. But now the scenario has changed completely nothing can be worse than feeling more qualified than the boss. When this kind of transformation is taking in the society then the workplace becomes a nightmare.

Whether one believes or not, even, if he or she feels is more qualified than the boss, still the boss should be respected and followed. And if trying to go above the boss’s head may put the job at risk. But the matter becomes quite complicated and one becomes negative about the boss and thinks that who doesn’t know what they’re doing is taking all the credit of your hard work?

About 2,000 workers were surveyed in the United Kingdom by Researchers at Multi lotto, a gambling startup, hoping to assess how workers felt about the performance of their direct supervisor.

A new survey conducted found that more than 40 percent of workers in the United Kingdom believed they are doing a better job than their boss.

The results illustrated that 44 percent of unhappy employees even if they were lacking in formal qualifications believed that they could do a better overall job than their boss. Around 20 percent of workers thought that their boss either made them to work too hard, or needlessly delegated more work for completion. More than one-fourth of workers indicated bitterness feeling towards their superior, while about 10 percent had made their boss furious to the point of causing them to leave.

Possibly, amongst the same amount of workers (40 percent) who think they could outperform their bosses, stood up to their boss during an argument.

Bosses are also people; a poor working relationship with the boss can have a miserable effect throughout other aspects of the life.

It was exposed that; one out of four English employees articulated overall dissatisfaction about their boss’ performance, while 13 percent felt that their boss was “seriously incompetent” at their role, about one third had given up jobs in the past due to their boss, while 14 percent were exploring a new position to avoid their current manager. Others thought and hoped that change in the workplace could bring about better outcomes. Forty percent people were trying to improve outcomes within their organization by their communication channels, while one-third aimed to distribute workplace tasks in a more well-organized and unbiased manner. Twenty percent said they would fire the boss.

At some point, when the employees feel that they know more than their bosses, who evoke them making the wrong move, this could make or break careers. Instead of challenging their managers, it may be best for employees under such a scenario to look for a different job in which they could feel more energized, stimulated, and respected for their skills and contributions.

Anyhow, giving up a good job isn’t an easy thing to do but workers should look to more Professional possibilities within the organization to power through the tough times.

It is always better to talk to boss or most of the employee-boss issues can be resolved through a call to HR.

“Be Cool And Communicative At A Work Place For good Growth”

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