End Of Nepotism In Congress! Mukul Wasnik Might Become The New Leader Of Congress

New Leader of Congress

News Update: Everyone was making speculations about the New Congress leader after the former president Rahul Gandhi resigned from his position on 3 July. Congress was since then busy finding an upright personality who can proficiently take the responsibility of the broken party. While some were thinking of conducting internal elections to determine the New Congress Leader, some were hoping to hire a group of leaders and not a single person for the same. The next option they were thinking was to appoint a committee to discuss and decide the New Leader of Congress.

Party was Struggling Without a New Leader of Congress

So, everyone was waiting for the decision as it has been more than a month, and the congress party was losing its authority in Parliament.

Senior Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi said that the party cannot wait for more, and further delay is not an option as it will negatively impact the already disoriented party. The selection process for the permanent president has not been decided yet, but they are looking for a provisional chief.

The chief members would meet today, and decide the New Leader of Congress. There are great chances of Mukul Wasnik to win the race because he has all the required qualities and experience. The party will also organize an official committee to select the permanent president. Well, we don’t know what these leaders are planning, but we are looking forward to someone who can organize the broken parts of the once glorious party which ruled the nation for twenty years continuously.

What’s up with the Nepotism in Congress?

Congress party was organized during the freedom struggle, and Indian people had great faith in the leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Morarji Desai, Sardar Patel, and B. R. Ambedkar. They are respected for uniting the nation. Later Indira Gandhi took the responsibility. So, it became custom, and only a person from the Gandhi family had been the party chief so far. Though

there is a selection process to choose leaders, we have often seen someone from the Gandhi family leading congress.

It’s the first time after twenty years that someone from outside the family is going to become the party chief, and we are pleased with this decision as it has increased our faith in the party values.

Some info about Mukul Wasnik: the New Congress Leader

Mukul Wasnik was the minister of social justice and empowerment during the INA govt. and has been a famous leader of Maharashtra where he was elected from Buldhana at the age of 28. Presently, he is the general secretary of Congress and might become the New Leader of Congress.


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