Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

Enjoy International Trips under Rs.50, 000 for the Year “2020”

international trips under 50000

Very soon we all will be giving farewell to “the year 2019”; the grand ending it deserves and a very good start of the new beginning of “the year 2020”. As another year is close to us and drawing our attention to our dream destinations, the plans for a grand New Year celebration is at the top. Often travelers think that international trips are very expensive and very often avoid the trips but one will be surprised to know that even in “The Year 2020” there is the possibility of visiting the dream destinations at prices lower than Rs. 50,000. Keeping this in mind, here are a few amusing compilations of the best international New Year’s destinations on one’s budget for “2020”.

❍ International Trip 1  Oman


❍ International Trip 2 Indonesia


❍ International Trip 3 Singapore


❍ International Trip 4 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

❍ International Trip 5 UAE


❍ International Trip 6 Malaysia



❍ International Trip 7 Thailand


❍ International Trip 8 Vietnam


❍ International Trip 9 Nepal


❍ International Trip 10 Turkey


❍ International Trip 11 Maldives


❍ International Trip 12 China


❍ International Trip 13 Cambodia


❍ International Trip 14 Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma)

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