Enjoy Vacation with Good Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness: Enjoying vacations is loved by all of us. This is only a factor that helps everyone to charge themselves to become energetic, right from child to adults. In fact, vacations give a chance to move away from the hectic routine and monotonous lifestyle to energize oneself with physical and mental tiredness.

For this, one usually thinks about visiting spots, and often visualizes beaches with the sound of water waves, the crackle of trees swaying in the breeze, and the sand beneath the feet. But, for this, there is a bit of drawback also—holidays and vacations sometimes become unfavorable to our health. Naturally when one is on vacations due to break in daily routine of physical exercises and upset in the routine diet, the body may suffer with some or the other problems.

Thus, instead of feeling energized after the vacation, we end up feeling exhausted. But, in true sense this should not happen, rather it should be other way round, one should feel energetic and awesome.

Some people gets affected with post-vacation syndrome  like sunburned skin, chlorine-damaged hair, very little sleep, and putting on weight due to disturbed eating and overeating.

One happens to do overeating, as one cannot stop himself to relish the famous food of that particular place and also think, doesn’t matter, will do more exercises once we are back, and also feel to enjoy that particular moment.  And also, only food is the substitute for the one to provide energy to the exhausted body after the whole day outing.

There are Some Practical Tips on, to Stay Fit on Vacation. (Health and Fitness)

Fitness 1 Stay hydrated

Always carry a bottle of water with one to refill lost fluids. Drinking water is a great way for one to stay in shape and react to the challenge. It will be better, if one add a pinch of salt in the bottle of water to help replace lost electrolytes. Drink coconut water if possible, as coconut water is rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium and thus a good source for optimal hydration.

Fitness 2 Carry First Aid Box

One can carry vitamins and supplements to energize themselves if exhausted.

Falling sick out of the house and especially on vacation can be truly annoying. Strengthen immune system by taking vitamins C, B-complex, D and Zinc. Probiotics (a microorganism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities) can be a great immune system booster. This we get in readymade form in small bottles from any of the general store or one can carry when moving out of the house to stay in good Health and Fitness.

Fitness 3 Go Easy on the Alcohol

It can be very appealing to overindulge on alcohol when one is out on holiday. However, if it can be avoided it is much better as getting drunk can leave one dehydrated, and this may cause long-term damage to one’s health. Excessive drinking is not only unhealthy but it is also dangerous and risky.

Fitness 4 Incorporate Exercise on Vacation

Try to take advantage of the workout facilities in the hotel. Work out in gym if facility is available or one can exercise in hotel room, can use the stairs to move up and down, go on a hike or dance in the night club. Ultimately, the agenda is to get moving and burn excess calories.

Fitness 5 Control on Diet

Do take care how much to eat and what to eat, usually the negligence is taken here. Try not to consume too much than one’s regular eating habits. If one cannot carry healthy food items with oneself then one can march to nearby grocery store and can choose some options. Instant preparation of light food can save money and is an excellent way to maintain fitness on vacation.

Fitness 6 Get Enough Sleep

It sounds very ridiculous if it is asked to take enough sleep, but this fact is in staying fit. Not sleeping or taking less sleep weakens the immune system, drag out uneasy attacks and activate overeating. So, it is better to take proper sleep then facing awkward problems. Transform the hotel room into sleep heaven by pulling curtains/blinds and adjust the room temperature for the pleasant aura.

Fitness 7 Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

Enjoy the vacation to the fullest, can be joyful to get involved in as many activities as one can do and also visit as many places as one can on a vacation. But, doing so, however, will leave one exhausted and fatigued. For this a few minutes of silence, especially in the morning, can keep one grounded, activated and will also help to make good decisions that can make one’s trip more fruitful and will also maintain fitness to the optimum on vacation.

Fitness 8 Pack (Healthy) Snacks

These are some of the snacks which one can carry along with them especially for the kids’ on vacation in order to avoid any kind of health problems. Sometimes hotels do not provide breakfast and these food items at least can give one the morning start and can promote us to eat healthy on vacation (Health and Fitness):

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Trail mix (almonds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, raisins)
  • Reusable insulated water bottles for holding smoothies, iced herbal teas and other drinks
  • Energy bars like the chia seed, protein and dark chocolate bars
  • Some types of almond butter, pecan butter, and coconut butter for serving with fresh fruit
  • a healthy meal replacement shake

Vacation Are Meant To Enjoy, So, Move with Some Preparation, Avoid Falling Into Health and Fitness Problems


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