Enjoy Your Weekend in The Top 5 Night Clubs Of Delhi, NCR

Top 5 Night Clubs of Delhi

Top 5 Night Clubs Of Delhi: Delhi is the national capital, and there is nothing you won’t find here. It is not just the centre of attention for administrative purposes, but Delhiites enjoy the best lifestyle when compared to other parts of the country. Delhi is on top when it comes to having a nightlife, and the is the reason behind this. The city houses some amazing night clubs and disco you can visit in the coming weekend. The crazy music and the wild atmosphere is what you need if you are a party animal and wish to steal a day from your busy schedule.

Top 5 Night Clubs of Delhi

When it comes to having fun, simple disco and music is not the only requirement; most night clubs of Delhi are theme-based and are designed on international models. They offer almost everything you might need to enjoy a rocking weekend. Here is the list of Top 5 Night Clubs of Delhi you must visit at least once in life.

1. Toy Room

After gaining immense popularity in major cities of London, Dubai, Mykonos and São Paulo, Toy Room has finally reached Delhi, It had earned praise much before it was launched in the Indian Capital. The best thing about the Toy Room is the teddy bear Frack moves, the top hip-hop, and R&R tunes. The design and presence of soft toys make it the best place for enjoying the weekend. The Toy Room is located at the Aloft Hotel and opens at 10:30 PM. You would never forget the night once you visit the Toy Room.

2. Kitty Su

This is a wild spot and is perfect for all party lovers especially those love lounge parties. It’s the hub of the magical kingdom since it was launched in 2011. Kittu Su has branches in major cities of India, but the one in Delhi has remained the top choice of disc lovers. The eccentric performers, champagne, A-list room and main club remain the highlights of Kitty Su. Located in the Lobby Level The Lalit Hotel of Connaught Place, Kitty Su opens at 10 PM. It is the favourite place for private parties and events, and you can book the place if you are planning a night party on your weekend.

3. Keya

Keya has been the first choice of party beasts for more than 10 years and the club has transformed with the changing times. The night club is situated in the DLF Promenade Mall and opens at late night around 11 PM. The entire area becomes the dance floor as the DJ out there plays every genre of music. People with different choices and taste love Keya night club; you would not regret your visit to Keya.

4. PassCode Only

The PassCode Only is the epitome of a classic underground party scene. You would love to enjoy the signature cocktails as you will groove to the Frank Sinatra on the dance floor. You must not miss the hidden cigar lounge whenever you visit the PassCode Only. You can step down to dance on the old songs. As the name suggests, you will require a passcode to enter into the club.

5. The Electric Room

As the name suggests, the room is filled with energy and current, but it’s the energetic music that will bring you to the dance floor. You would need to visit Chic Lodhi Hotel is you desire to enjoy the sold music and you are in the hardcore party mood. It is the favourite place for live acts and you must visit here if you want to enjoy something like rave party on weekends. The combination of mainstream pop and Bollywood songs make it the best place for all sort of people.


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