The era of the golden-age’s Kaftan Avant-garde!

The era of the golden-age’s Kaftan Avant-garde!
The era of the golden-age’s Kaftan Avant-garde!

“Dress I clad today, may fade tomorrow. Voguish today, out-moded morrow, style is a passion, not clothed by many, but a cliché wounded uncanny”.

Fashion is a statement, a style that’s never outdated! We can undoubtedly, create our own, if with confidence, will be succeeded by many!

Moroccan Kaftan is one such expression of fashion! Dated from the era of the Mesopotamian Ottoman Empire of Turkey, this outfit has since been in fashion!

Still wondering what it is?

Remember those long robe tunics like attire, extending till the ankles, you witnessed in those historic movies worn by the kings like in Jodha Akbar, Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani etc., yes those! They are known as “kaftans”! It has been served as an emblem of Royalty, since that time.

Blue silk kaftan
Blue silk kaftan

Kaftans can be light-weighted, loose fitting garments or can be designed with those intricated embroidery, which are heavy-weighted.In the earlier times, Different sections of the society wore it differently, to categorizethemselves according to their societal classification.

This drape was earlier even worn by judges which is now symbolized with the women’s apparel. In fashion since the 14th century, it has not only seen its transitioninto a gender but also in the length and in its appearance.

Today, it is still in fashion and the fashionistas are working their minds off in giving this piece of art, a modern look with a tinge of preserving its traditional roots. We still wear it, oblivious of the fact what it actually is! Well, certainly praise those Fashion-mongers for it!

Presently, it is widely popular among women all across the globe. Rooting since the last 6centuries, it still has a wide popular market!

Women Cladded in kaftan
Women Cladded in kaftan

Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco, when stepped out in an elegant Kaftan during the King Willem- Alexander’s investiture in 2013, was praised and complimented for her this classy attire. She was even voted by the “Hello” magazine as their most favorite attires of that time.

These coverings whiff of nobility in addition to being in vogue! Its appearance has always left an awe-inspiring impact on the people around!

“To be irreplaceable, it has to be different” – Kaftan is an epitome of this quote, in fashion! It still sends a rush of elation and has always stood out of the main stream!


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