Experience the thrill, go for something adventurous this vacation


Experience the thrill this vacation

Even the thought of skydiving, rafting and mountain climbing sends jitters across your spine and India is a paradise for such adventure enthusiasts. Right from the wonderful treks, picturesque mountain ranges, sky diving in the west, trips to the desert in Thar, there are a plethora of options to quench your thirst for such breath-taking adventure sports. FLYPPED brings to you some destinations that have the scope of such splendid adventure activities for a perfect vacation.  

People leave no stone unturned in making their vacations memorable and are not afraid of challenging themselves with difficult and adventurous activities. The idea of holidaying has drastically changed from those visits to hill stations and staying at fancy cottages and hotels to braving the odd conditions by staying in tents and camps. Away from the hectic schedules, phone calls and messages reminding you of work every minute, people are now heading towards different locations in India for adventure sports.

Skiing, sledging and heliskiing at Gulmarg

You may have seen tourists thronging this beautiful part of India for sightseeing but this huge cup-shaped lush green meadow is a hotspot for winter sports. There are many options for adventure lovers at Gulmarg. Hurtling down from a height of 14000 ft from Khilanmarg to simply soaking the sun and the alpine scenery, the quest for snow adventure can be quenched here. Heliskiing may come with a price, but the experience is worth it. The duration of such trips vary from two days to fifteen days. Sports like mountain biking and skiing are costly as it requires a lot of logistics and training before doing this activity. People have to undergo specialised training for these two adventure sport activities. The cost of such adventure trips cost from Rs 5000 to Rs 30000.





Dirt biking, mountaineering and sand dune camping at Jodhpur

The thought of heat might deter your will for a moment but the golden sand dunes stretching for miles and the poetic sunrises and sunsets are worth to visit. For all those who aren’t big fans of walking the stretches and would rather have themselves ride through it, the bike rides are a feasible and fun way to go about a trek. Rough it out at Jodhpur just like the desert natives and enjoy the sand dune camps, dirt biking, desert safaris, etc. Apart from the adrenaline pumping with zip line tours like dirt biking and mountaineering, become a part of the live song and dances and those larger than life camp fires that add a fun element to your trip.


Trekking at Auli

For skiing and trekking, Auli is considered to be the best in the whole world. The unpredictable weather conditions of Auli and the misty and mystical surroundings add to the extreme winter sports experience a thrilling edge. If you stars are bright, you may even get the chance to sky amidst snowfall. The rugged peaks of Mt Nanda Devi, Auli has on offer some of the most unusual trek trails for adventure lovers. One can ski on the clean stretches of 10-20 km of snow-covered mountain slopes. That exhilarating feeling is hard to describe and it is exactly what attracts tourists to Auli.


Lake Treks and ice climbing at Dhauladhar

The Dhauladhar ranges, rising spectacularly high from the Indian plains, have some of the most remarkable slopes leading up to the vertical snow and ice crested peaks. This place is a heaven for winter treks at the icy lakes.




Paragliding and rafting at Tajpur

If not the mountains, you can head to Tajpur in West Bengal. The partially corded beaches and the scenic tourist spots, this is surely a getaway from the hustle bustle of city life. You can take up adventure activities like rafting or paraglide through the scenic and unexplored regions of nature. Also rock climbing can be done by adventure lovers visiting this location.



Snorkeling, wind surfing and scuba diving at Andaman

The white sand beaches, the crystal clean water and a picturesque location and we are not talking of beaches in abroad. The water lovers can experience and fulfil their urges by diving deep in the blue ocean water and enjoy their hearts out at this offbeat destination. Andaman’s unexplored beauty can be experienced through activities like sailing with the wind or just walking the untraded trails. What adds to the beauty is the rich marine life of the ocean. Though this might get a little heavy on the pocket, but the experience and the peace is worth the bucks.








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