Explore Pranayama: Power to Control Your Breath


Pranayama is a Sanskrit word where “Prana” means life force and “Yama means extending or stretching. “pranayama” translates to the control of life force. If the Prana is in One’s control then peace and happiness can be achieved. The longevity of life and strong resolutions of life is taken. In the exalted state of mind Pranayama, the inherent power of Kundalini gets awakened.

Padmasana, Vajrasana and Sidhasana are the asanas in which Pranayama can be done.

The pranic energy can be controlled with pranayama in three ways:

Rechak (exhaling)

Purak( inhaling)

Kumbhak(retaining the breath)

Kumbhak is divided into three parts:

  • Antah Kumbhak- Breathing in and then retaining.
  • Bahya Kumbhak- Breathing out and then retaining.
  • Kaivalya Kumbhak- Retaining the breath as it is.

Prior to Pranayama, it is must to be clear about Nadi and Bandhs


Our body consists of 72864 nerves out of which 3 are very important.

  • Chandra Nadi- This begins at the left nostril and goes up to the base of the spine
  • Surya Nadi- Begins from the right nostril and goes up to the base of the spine
  • Sushumna Nadi- This begins from the medulla oblongata in the brain and goes up to the base of the spine.

Band amongst yogic exercises it is very small but it is the great release’ of energy like the atom. it is a process of controlling and hardening different organs of the body but in a phased manner with all precautions, bands are of three types-


The muscles of the anus should be pulled up a word using strength internally. Remaining in this position is called mood bandh.


Diseases of the anus are cured. People suffering from high blood pressure, heart troubles, hernia, piles, fissures, etc. find special relief through it. Nightfall premature ejaculation and other complications have an effective remedy in Moolband. It is helpful in awakening the Kundalini.

Before doing Mool bandh practice of Ashwini Kriya is much better.

Ashwini Kriya

Doing contraction and expansion of anal muscles in any asana while sitting, lying or standing is called Ashwini Kriya. It should be practiced on an empty stomach. It is more beneficial if practiced in bhaiya kumbhak it should be practiced for 25-100 rounds.


This Kriya is helpful in celibacy. It cures piles, urinary problems, and make the anal region healthy. Its practice keeps the reproductive organs of male and female strong and healthy. Uterus remains healthy and strong. If a pregnant lady makes regular practice the delivery will be normal and comfortable.

Note: It should not be practiced by the patients of constipation

Uddayan Bandh

Exhale and pull the stomach within so that the belly becomes a pit against the back. Remain in this position as far as possible.


It strengthens the organs of the abdomen removes acidity constipation and indigestion. Its practice is good for gastric complications, asthma can be cured and lungs become powerful. The working capacity of the heart increases. It removes worms from the digestive tract and is good for diabetes.

Note: Heart patients and those with mental problems should not practice it.

Before doing uddiyan Bandh practice of Agnisaar kriya is much better.

Agnisaar Kriya

Sit in padmasana and exhale the breath than inflate and deflate the abdomen repeat this again and again initially start with 15-20 times and increase gradually.

Note: Those unable to sit in padmasana can do it while sitting in vajrasana or swastikasana.

This act can also be done while standing by spreading both legs with a gap of about 30-40 cm between them and with bending forward keep both hands on the knees. Thereafter looking in forwarding direction similarly inflate the stomach while inhaling and deflate while exhaling. People with backache should not perform in this way.


Digestion takes place smoothly. All ailments related to the stomach are removed and the appetite increases, obesity, diabetes, urinary problems are cured. Burning sensation in urine is lessened. Excess urination is also lessened by this act. Pranayama is very beneficial.

Note: Patients having constipation or ulcer should not do this.


Jalandhar Bandh Pranayama

In this, the chin is rested on the throat.


Ailments of the throat do not occur. Removes diseases of the tonsils, the voice becomes sonorous. Beneficial for thyroid and parathyroid glands ailments. The face starts glowing and Kundalini also gets awakened.

Note: Those ailing from back and neck should not do it


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