Facebook Thanks Jio For Achieving The Strongest Growth


 The masterstroke played by Mukesh Ambani in telecommunications industry in  the form of Jio launch has gone in favour of internet based mobile applications, the most important to be quoted here is Face book. The free data provided by Reliance Jio has increased the number of Face book users to a record high. The social networking app is going gaga over the profits earned in the Asia-Pacific region. 

 A recent study conducted by Smartapp had found Facebook to be the biggest beneficiary of the free service(data) offer from Reliance Jio. The study revealed that Facebook logins had climbed up to 467% after Jio started free promotional services.

The recently announced figures of the Face book earnings for the last quarter of 2016 has revealed a noticeable growth in company’s profit margin. Out of the total earnings of $8.81 billion, $7.46 billion were generated in the Asia Pacific region. This is the quarter when Mukesh Ambani’ s Jio announced free data on to customers and this is the fact primarily being attributed as the main reason behind the high profit margins of Face book.  The same reason has been acknowledged by Face Book CFO, David Werner for growth in company’s profits. “So that (free data offer) clearly is having aa strong impact in Asia-Pacific(APAC) and India was our biggest and strongest growth market (by user base). So, that would be something that I would say was a little bit more unique this past quarter,” Wehner quoted in one of his addresses. By the end of last quarter of 2016, India became the second largest user base of Face book, (US being the top one) with a user number of approx.165million monthly active users.  

This way a piece of cake from Reliance Jio’s inaugural celebrations went to Facebook.






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