How far Milk Contributes to Health Benefits?

Facts about Artificial Milk

Since ages, we are realized that Milk is good for health in many ways and this is what our past generations have been following and consuming milk and no doubt they were much healthier than the present generations. Though sources of knowledge were less, still they were more intelligent and smarter than the current generation. They had good, physical, mental and emotional health. The major difference lies only in the purity of things, they use to consume at that time and in the passage of many subsequent years, the purity has come to zero and only we get adulterated food which results in ill effects on health.

It is said milk is a nutrient-rich beverage that benefits our health in several ways. It is full of important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium, and vitamin D., In addition, it is also an excellent source of protein.

Now let us know some facts about milk and its importance:

❍ Health Benefits of Mother’s Milk

It is the best quality food for a child. The child requires this milk till the tooth appears and the working capacity of digestive organs is completed. Till that time all his requirements of balanced food are made by the mother’s milk, after that, he does not require milk.

Nature has provided newborn children with lactase enzymes that help in the digestion of lactose or milk sugar. This capacity ends until the child reaches the age of 4 or 5 years. Lactose cannot be absorbed in the blood flow unless it is divided into galactose and glucose and for this purpose, enzyme lactase is supposed to be very necessary.

Most people take milk after dinner and before going to sleep, due to this the food does not get digested, thus it should not be taken after dinner. It can be taken in the morning during breakfast. Today getting pure milk has become very difficult.

❍ Types of Milk We Are Getting In the Market

1. Impact of Pasteurized Milk on Health

Pasteurized Milk on Health

Many enzymes and vitamins are destroyed by the high temperature and its protein and Calcium become so hard that it is difficult to digest them.

2. Impact of Artificial Milk on Health

Artificial Milk on Health

After taking out the cream, refined oil is mixed in the remaining strata milk for greasiness. White lead is added for color, shampoo/ detergent is mixed for lather, hydrogen is mixed to keep it fresh for a long time. Regular consumption of artificial makes leads to heart disease, liver problems, cancer, and other severe diseases.

3. Impact of Synthetic Milk on Health

Synthetic Milk on Health

Many harmful chemicals such as caustic soda, urea, blotting paper, hydrogen peroxide, formalin, etc., are mixed for making synthetic milk. Synthetic sugar is added to increase sweetness, this leads to many diseases such as ulcers, skin disease, mental problems, and cancer. The level of the disease will depend on the number of chemicals and the time since they are being consumed. The effect of this does not show immediately but once they start it gets difficult to control them.

4. Impact of Oxytocin Injection Milk on Health

These days people in milk businesses are using much of Oxytocin injection on animals to extract out the large quantity of milk from them, due to this injection, harmful elements from the animal’s body gets mixed into the milk, which is harmful to human health and by drinking this a person’s mental balance gets disturbed. The easy occurrence of anger and aggression is its example. It has ill effects on endocrine glands of a person and as a result, dangerous diseases like paralysis and cancer may occur. Oxytocin injection also adversely affects the reproductive power of human beings.

The capacity to hear and vision decreases, one gets easily tired, girls have early puberty, abnormal growth, miscarriage and less production of milk, etc.

5. Alternatives of These Milk Is Natural Milk for Good Health

Milk Is Natural Milk for Good Health

Milk of soybean, groundnut, coconut, dry fruits, and seeds are good alternatives for keeping good health. For sweetening one can use honey, dates or raisins. If one is interested to consume animal milk then, the best milk is goat’s milk then is the milk of desi cow and last is buffalo’s milk

“Drink Healthy and Live Healthy”

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