Flipkart To Launch Free Video Streaming Services To Beat Amazon Prime

free video streaming services

The rivalry between Amazon and Flipkart is no mystery as they are the leading E-commerce platforms. Amazon is presently on the top and is afraid because Flipkart is giving tough competition. Recently, Walmart invested a large sum in Flipkart in order to beat the competition, and now his announcement to provide free video streaming services ascertains his intentions. The impact of Flipkart’s efforts is clearly visible in the restlessness of Bezos. Previously, I informed you about Amazon’s proposal to collaborate with Reliance.

The Amazon and Flipkart Fight Getting Intense

I informed you that Jeff Bezos has shown a keen interest in buying 26% shares in Reliance Ltd. The major idea behind this proposal was to beat Flipkart, which is his biggest rival. Ambani has yet not responded to his proposal, and we are not sure whether Amazon would successfully retain its position on the top.

All of us were making speculations about the proposal and Flipkart has stolen the limelight with the latest announcement. Flipkart, which was initially a rival in the ecommerce field, is now announced to enter into the field of online video streaming and has challenged Amazon on the platform of digital media. Not only is Flipkart coming in the new field, but it has also planned a bang on entry to challenge Amazon Prime with its free video streaming services.

Flipkart will Start Free Video Streaming Services This Diwali

Flipkart has offered to provide free video facilities on Pre- Diwali. All of us are aware that Amazon provides Video streaming service for their subscribers, but their users have to buy Prime Subscription. Flipkart, on the other hand, has initiated the same. They will also provide coins for their users, and people who buy online stuff on Flipkart would be awarded coins. The offer by Flipkart will definitely help them making a grand entry in the new field.

How to get Flipkart Plus Membership?

Flipkart offers two coins on the shopping of a hundred rupees. Any user with 300 or more coins is eligible for becoming a plus member. All plus members can watch the show free of cost which is not the case with Amazon where subscribers need to buy paid subscriptions.

Initially, they won’t release the original web series as Amazon does. They, on the other hand, will stream licensed videos and web series from other platforms such as Netflix, Disney, and local studios including Balaji Telefilms. They would definitely produce original web series in the future, but for now, we would see Netflix, and Disney content for free.


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