Foodies- Things only the food lovers will understand


My heart says chocolates, pizzas and burgers but my jeans say, for the love of god bitch, please eat a Salad!

Well, there are many who fall in love with the people and lament, cry, shriek, undergo emotional stress, heart break and what not! Yet, there are even some, who have utterly devoted their lives into savoring the world’s most safest love- Love for food!

They eat food, sleep food, befriend food, love food, talk food, walk food and food, food and only food!

Also you cannot deny the fact that:

Food never breaks your heart!

Here is a list of things that only a true foodie will understand!

Food- Lone reason for survival

You won’t give a flying f**k to what’s happening around you as long as you have sufficiently endless food to gobble on and guess what! That stock never ends in your baggage!

Petite? WTF!

You are never used to the small quantities of food into your plate. You always want to gobble more and more of everything every time, anytime! Like water is the elixir of other’s lives, food is of yours. You can gorge that finger licking of anything into your mouth, no matter what!

Vile Diet call

Well, it’s a sure thing to do if you are a devouring foodie and yet wish to maintain your fitness at the same time. Diet call at the go- sure shot!!

All food in the tummy

You have mended a castle full of food into your tummy, grabbing it from the nearby stores, restaurants and cafés. In fact, you behave like one expert advice to turn to, in case of any inquiries regarding it! Lol!

Menu- on Fingertips

You are thorough with the menu of any restaurant in detail, more than you are with your study syllabus!

Three meals a day! Bitch please

Your food hunger although never suffices, yet only three meals a day, is just a starter for you! You are a kind of person, who loves eating at anytime of the day!


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