Which foreign destination you should go this summer?


Scorching in the summer’s heat? Envious of one of your friend’s exotic holiday locations? Well, you can just simply put a halt to all your FOMO bemoanings and take a glimpse at these alluring locations with enticing landscapes wound by a relishing ambiance to let you rejoice in these divine abodes of the world!

Krabi, Thailand



This is one of the most captivating locations with the picturesque white beaches, lavishly spread azure waters, coral reefs,and the ambiance so flawless as to make one wonder if the captured picture has actually been photoshopped. This place is a paradise for the scuba divers, adventurous junkies with a multitude expanse of flora and fauna to be traversed and also, the beach wantons who want to chill and relish their tan with a virgin mocktail!

Kathmandu, Nepal


All of us are so captivated by the faraway beauty that we completely tend to ignore the luring ones present right in our neighborhood. If you are hunting for a location where you do not have to pay through your noses, then simply just pack your rucksack and catch a cheap flight from New Delhi to land into this blissful city of Nepal, with multidudinal mountains and heritage, a combination of both traditional and modern.The UNESCO’s World Heritage site, Durbar square has a copious number of palaces and holy temples. The Thamel zone, a shopping hub, stocks up a lot of things from the mountaineering harness to the other various mementos. It also abodes city’s oldest Hindu temple, the Pashupatinath Temple, and Bodhnath Stupa which is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world.



Well, if you have a bounded time and limited funds, then Singapore is definitely the place for you to rejoice this rococo city. Souse in the culture of the Chinatown Heritage center or simply revel in the cruise on the Singapore river.Sojourn the most popular Singapore zoo without leaving out the stunning Night Safari.You can also visit the Marina Bay zone at the evening time as well as choose among the varied dining alternatives at Clarke Quay alongside the river.All the pain you have to take is just planning your trip before time, book a cheap flight as well as the accommodation and savor the flavor of this glitzy city!

Phuket, Thailand


It was following the James Bond 1974 flick, The Man with the Golden Gun which was shot at this ravishing destination that boosted its tourism. Every nick of this place seems to behold something bewitching so as to lure the tourists to this location’s sand-laden beaches, the pristine expanse of sea waters, zesty nightlife.Whether you want lone time at the beach or wanna party hard, this is just the perfect fit for you!The good news- It really doesn’t shell out much of your stashed cash!

Male, Maldives


The capital city of Maldives, Male is the most exuberant vacation spot comprising aquamarine hue waters, kaleidoscopic sea life, and extraneously lavish spas.The Scuba divers are claimed to rejoice in the experience akin to a different variegated world underneath. This place is located at North Male Atoll which is very well connected to  Indian cities by air.You can also go ahead to some nearby islands to reveal and live the true culture of this place. This place offers  an experience of “Arcadia on Mother Earth!”, which you are bound to cherish for your life!


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