FOUND LOVE AT WORK?10 Things you need to be Careful About

FOUND LOVE AT WORK-10 Things you need to be Careful About

FOUND LOVE AT WORK?10 things you need to be careful about!

“Do what you love and love what you do”.

We all have heard this. Right? A million times. But, what about “Love where you work”? Ever heard of it? No? Haha.

Well, finding love at workplace is as common as Virat Kohli hitting a century. In fact, according to a survey, four out of ten employees have dated at work.

But, unlike century, workplace romance doesn’t always come with awards and accolades and the thing about love is it can spark anytime, anywhere.

So, while it may feel tempting to spice up your work life, let’s go over to 10 points that should be taken care of –

1.) Job Performance

A relationship at work can put a serious hamper on job performance. You may find yourself taking longer lunches together or finding ways to sneak off to be alone. This could lead to jealousy among co-workers who may view this behavior as “slacking off”.

2.)  The Unwanted Publicity

As your affair starts, the rumor mill also gets started and it’s everybody’s business. Now your love life is the subject of gossip around the water cooler and all eyes are on you and the person you’re dating. Relationships need time to grow between just two people before being brought out into the open. Constant scrutiny can drive a quick wedge between you.

3.) Limiting romance in the office

Romancing in the office should be strictly limited. Public display of affection can make other people uncomfortable in the workplace. It can be a root of major problem within atmosphere of the company.

4.) Balance between professional and personal life

A step here and there and you both fall into the dig. Yes, that’s the thing with crossing lines between professional life and personal life.

“Home is home and office is office”, this has to be the mantra.

5.) The game of Boundaries

If cupid decides to play tricks and you fall for a colleague five seats away from you, then you better not cross the boundaries. Know which topics are inappropriate to discuss in presence of other colleagues.

6.) Legal Troubles

You might think that after a coworker has turned you down, it’s okay to be persistent and ask again (and again after that). But especially if you are a manager dating a subordinate, you could find yourself the subject of allegations of misconduct that range from sexual harassment to false imprisonment, assault and battery to defamation.

7.) Say NO to the famous “office sex”

Keep it limited to movies and porn. Don’t bring it in real life. Yes, it would be difficult for you both to keep your hands off each other, but, you better not give wings to your wild imaginations in the office.

8.) Dealing with unnecessary speculations

In case you happen to be dating a senior colleague or your boss, chances are your success in office will be attributed to your personal life. A not-so-desirable situation for anyone, but again something that’s bound to happen.

9.) Privacy goes for a toss

Yes, if you’ve had a fight last night over dinner, movie, or anything else under the sun, chances are the office sees you throwing icy daggers at your partner in office. You may also feel your colleagues getting intrusive or making snide remarks here and there.

But what the heck, everything in life comes at a price. At least, relationships at work certainly do.

10.) The WORST-CASE Scenario

What if it doesn’t work out? You still have to see your ex and work with him or her every day. This is especially hard on the person who didn’t want the relationship to end. This type of situation can lead to poor performance, increased absenteeism and workplace drama.

So, while the jury is still out on the full extent of consequences to workplace romance, all evidence points to a warning: love at work might work out, but getting there can be complicated. Still, if both parties are on the same page and thoughtful about the potential consequences, it could be a risk worth taking.






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