Free Electricity for Delhiites: CM Announces “Free Lifeline Electricity” Scheme

free electricity

Delhi Chief Minister once again has shifted our attention and won all the limelight by making a historic announcement regarding electricity costs. Delhi people would now get Free Electricity on the consumption of 200 and lesser units of electricity per month. Delhi people are already getting a subsidy on the electricity bills. Delhi Govt. is providing 50 % subsidy for families consuming less than 400 units of electricity and now his announcement regarding free electricity is stealing everyone’s attention.

“Those in Delhi, who consume up to 200 units of electricity, need not pay their electricity bills. They will get a zero electricity bill. Consumers of 201-400 units of electricity will receive approximately 50% subsidy. I am delighted to announce that the cheapest electricity in the country in available in Delhi today,” – said the CM in a press conference.

The families using 200 to 400 units need not to worry as the Delhi Govt. would continue to offer this facility. Delhi was already the state charging minimum electricity costs, but after this decision of Kejriwal, Delhi would become the first state of India to offer Free Electricity.

Apart from being the Chief Minister of Delhi, Kejriwal is also the national convener of Aam Aadmi Party. Electricity was one of the major issues highlighted by AAP govt. during their campaign and they did reduce electricity rate in Delhi as soon as they got power. Now providing 100% electricity proves their promises were genuine.

Nobody says anything if the VIPs and big politicians get free power. Why deprive the common man? Am I wrong in taking this step,” he asked his critiques.

Recently, CM Kejriwal had shocked everyone after he announced free metro and DTC rides for women, but DMRC seemed to have some other views regarding. Delhi Govt. is still working on the project though. Many people are doubting the Free Electricity scheme along with Free ride scheme because Delhi govt. is announcing them when elections are about to come.

Whether these announcements are for upcoming election or not, they are beneficial for Delhi People and that is what we want. After being asked about the funds, he says, it’s because “Delhi has elected an honest govt. and power companies are now enjoying a better financial health.” He had said something similar when he was asked about the funds needed for free side subsidy. Whatever the motives be, we have no issues until we are getting benefits (who would not want Free Electricity), and no one is disturbing the code of conduct.


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