How to get a Good raise during next Appraisal


How to get a good raise during next appraisal:-

Appraisals are the time when an employee can become fortunate enough to get the much desired hikes in salary or designation. However, this is also the time when disappointment in employees may arise due to not getting their dues in appraisals which may increase the rate of attrition in the company. Some companies are very serious in appraisals and for them, it is not merely a term or annual activity and one can make actually a good use of such ideology for progressing in one’s career.

One must not wait for the appraisals to arrive  for starting preparations for the same. An employee should set their objectives and goal and should make a clear picture of what they want out of their appraisals during the year under review. For this, one must keep a track of the expectations of the company from their employees and what objectives have been assigned to him for the given period. This is not the end, the employee in order to dream for something extra from the company should set higher benchmarks for performing than the company’s expectations.

If your company allows, you can ask for an informal review by the HR department to check your progress and if you find some scope of improvement, then you will have time to catch up with it before the actual appraisals are done.

Do check over internet on various search engines to check  about the level of your competence and the remuneration you are getting are in line or not.

While filling up your appraisal Performa, highlight your achievements and appreciations at various times.  Further, while negotiations for the hike are on do listen to the offer patiently however, at the same time be ready with your expected figure and do not hesitate to quote it.

If you want to achieve success in professional sphere, always be a consistent performer and be honest to your duties towards your job. May be it may seem a preaching but will surely pay off in the coming future.



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