Girls accuse Hindu College of Discrimination

Girls accuse Hindu College of Discrimination

Girls accuse Hindu College of Discrimination


Delhi University’s Hindu College is yet again under surveillance for restricting girls and imposing “discriminatory” rules and regulations and fees structure on female hostellers.

The new regulations of the authorities indicate that according to the new hostel fee structure issued by the college, the female hostellers need to pay significantly more than male hostellers. “Female undergraduates should pay around Rs 70,000 every year which is around Rs 20,000 more than what is being charged from the male undergraduates,” said a third-year undergraduate student at Hindu College, on the condition of being kept anonymous.

She also added, “Additionally, there is a time limit of 11 pm for girls. Although the college has raised the deadline of 8:30 pm from last year but still why was it there in the first place? Boys have no curfew timings.”

Last year, similar protests were held by the Hindu College students on the pretext of ‘discriminatory’ rules against the female hostellers. The college authorities had thereafter canceled the regulations and ensured the students of no regulations henceforth in the female hostel. The college chose to reevaluate its stand and formed a board of trustees to investigate the issue.

Delhi Culture Minister Kapil Mishra, in a letter to Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi, had also accused the college authorities last year, of imposing ‘regressive and dictatorial’ rules on female students. He added that the rules amounted to ‘moral policing’, and the difference in the fee structure of male and female students might bring in a feeling of ‘resentment’ within the students.

The college authorities have clearly denied the charges. ” Some students are disseminating false information about the college. We have not made any discriminatory hostel rules for girls,” said a senior authority at the college.

According to the college students, even after knowing the move would provoke agitation on the college premises, the authorities did not transfer the new rules on its website. “The college has moved with most extreme stealth, not declaring the new hostel guidelines on the website but rather sending new students separate emails,” asserted another third-year undergraduate student of the college.

Anju Srivastava, the principal of Hindu College, was not available for the remark.



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