According to the recent survey of passport power rank 2017, India ranks 75th among the 94 countries across the world. The survey placed Singapore on the top titling it with the World’s most powerful passport, which was further followed by Germany, Sweden and South Korea.

Singapore’s passport score also scored visa-free score of 159. This means that the 3.4 million Singaporean passport holders can now travel to almost 159 countries either without visa or can have one issued on the arrival.

The world’s best passport’s crown was donned upon by Singapore since the last two years. It is the European countries leading the track with 10 most powerful one’s for the same. Since the early 2017, the first place was shared by both Germany and Singapore with Singapore’s win at the end.

US passport was ranked 6th, along with Malaysia, Ireland and Canada. Its  ranking has believed to taste the dirt since President Donald Trump has taken the office after Turkey and Central African Republic (CAR) nullified visa-free status of US passport holders.

India has however improved its ranking by jumping from 78th position in 2015 to 75th position in 2017 along with the visa-free status of 51.

Afghanistan was placed at the last with a rank of 94 and score of 22, followed by Pakistan and Iraq at 93 and the score of 26, Syria held the 92nd position with the score of 29 followed by Somalia at 91 and a score of 34.

Global passport power rank was released by Canada based global financial advisory firm, Arton Capital. It has become one of the best tools to interact, display, rank and sort world’s passport. The national passport’s index is ranked by the cross-border access they hail, assigning of the visa-free score according to number of countries passport holders are allowed to visit with visa-free of with visa-on arrival.


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