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Goa Is Your Dream Destination? Here Are The Best And Less Expensive Beaches In South Goa Must Visit

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Best Travel Tips for Goa Destinations

No doubt, Goa is the most beautiful tourist destination in India. With a wonderful blend of land and water, it gives the best aura of peace and relaxing. The beaches in Goa can help one to rest in sun and is also a good source for the synthesis of Vitamin D. The North Goa is usually engaged as the hotspot for parties and South Goa is popular for its peaceful and countryside locations. Let us explore some of the beautiful beaches of Goa, which one can accordingly plan their journey.

The ever inspiring best beaches in South Goa.

Destinations for Beach Vacation in Goa 1 Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach is among the good beaches in South Goa for indulging in water sports. It is an aesthetic collage of greenery with the Arabian Sea at the border. This beach carries a mythological story, that Lord Vishnu’s arrow landed here and through which came the name Banavali. The name later transformed to Benaulim during the Portuguese administration. Today this South Goan beach is a sun lover’s spot and makes one adventurous in large number of sports.

Famous for: This beach is famous for water sports and activities like parasailing, boat riding, jet skiing and bike rides. It is also famous for spice plantations and St John’s church.

Destinations for Beach Vacation in Goa 2 Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach

Agonda is less crowded than other South Goa best beaches. Due to limited network connectivity, this beach is an ultimate getaway for privacy and peace seekers. The peacefulness of this charming beach in South Goa is meant to give the relaxing mood, which would inspire one to pen down simple thoughts like poetry, while enjoying sun bath, with the availability of the resting sheds at a cheaper cost. Agonda beach makes best weekend getaways in Goa.

Famous for:  It is famous for dolphin rides, hiking and windsurfing

Destinations for Beach Vacation in Goa 3 Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo is a small fishing village in South Goa. Bogmalo Beach, among other beaches on South Goa map is an ideal place to experience the coastal lifestyle and participate in some fishing activities. It possesses an isolated curvy sand beach, perfect for people looking for peace of mind. A beautiful look by bordered coconut groves, this small South Goan beach offers accommodation options for all kinds of people on the basis of their monetary strength.

Famous for: This beach is famous for dolphin sighting, diving school, windsurfing, and also one can relish genuine Goan cuisine available at local eateries outlets.

Destinations for Beach Vacation in Goa 4 Colva Beach

Colva Beach

In South Goa Colva beach is exclusively for the romantic people. Couples can enjoy candlelit dinner, a violin being played in the background in sync with the sound of water, followed by a long walk along the coastline. In addition to beach relaxation one can also take the full advantage of water sports.

Famous for: One can enjoy adventure sports such as skiing, paragliding and parasailing

Destinations for Beach Vacation in Goa 5 Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach

In South Goa, Palolem Beach is one of the best beaches, meant for honeymoon couples and a serene welcome with natural beauty and rocky outposts, Palolem is one of the most peaceful beaches in South Goa. The crescent-shaped beach is perfect for an evening walk around the shallow shores. Also, it is a popular hub to witness the happening nightlife in Goa. One can also capture the dawn and dusk views, to restrain it as a lifelong memory.

Famous for: One can enjoy silent Noise Party at ‘On the Rocks’, Dolphin spotting trips, scuba diving and photogenic sunsets

Destinations for Beach Vacation in Goa 6 Betul Beach

Betul Beach

If one is looking for a romantic getaway amidst natural serenity of South Goa beaches, Betul beach is one of them. This south Goan beach has some 60 huts available for accommodation at reasonable prices. The main occupation of the villagers here is fishing so a boat ride is not too hard to experience. This beach is an ideal chance to mingle with the locals and experience their lifestyle.

Famous for: The lighthouse, and the authentic seafood at The Blue Whale restaurant.

Destinations for Beach Vacation in Goa 7 Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach

One must visit this beach among all the South Goa beaches. Majorda beach, will leave one filled with the natural beauty of lush green galleries amidst the white sand. This beach in South Goa is made for everyone’s pocket. Mythologically belief is that, it is a place where Lord Rama was kept kidnapped, this beach could be that perfect safe house of your quiet self.

Famous for: One can advantage of; Toddy tapping, jet skiing, and the finger licking seafood served by the beachside stalls

Destinations for Beach Vacation in Goa 8 Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach

It is the most exclusive beaches among all the South Goa beaches. It is located between two hills that is why called as Butterfly beach, it is just heaven. As the name suggests, this beach is home to some of the most exotic species of butterflies. It is accessible only through water – a boat ride from Palolem Beach is the shortest way to get here. With no shacks, no resorts and very few wanderers, Butterfly Beach among the beaches in South Goa is a perfect escape for that charming weekend getaway.

Famous for: Adventurous people can enjoy Exotic butterflies, goldfishes, and crabs. Breathtaking sunsets attract a lot of photo enthusiasts.

Destinations for Beach Vacation in Goa 9 Polem Beach

Polem Beach

Polem is the last beach along the South Goan coastline. Its 700 m long coastline is the most perfect end to any South Goan experience. With golden sand challenging the gigantic blue waters and small islands throwing solitary ambience – Polem beach is perfect for a Goan honeymoon. Home stays made of cane and palm leaves are perfect for backpackers and groups.

Famous for: One can enjoy swimming and sunbathing

Destinations for Beach Vacation in Goa 10 Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach is famous as one of the night beaches in South Goa. Small in size but a livelier alternative to Palolem beach, Patnem is a wonderful destination to sit back and chill, leaving behind all the madness of Goan parties. This beach is suitable for relaxing, sunbathing, and indulging in rejuvenating Yoga treatments. Patnem Beach also consists of the coolest beach cottages in South Goa.

Famous for: One can enjoy sunbathing, surfing and wellness treatments

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