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Healthy Lifestyle: Sleep is one of the most essential aspects of our healthy lifestyle to keep our most important activities in process and without it we would be able to function neither physically nor mentally.  When one doesn’t get enough sleep then one can be irritable, lack concentration and feel weak. But, our busy lives often delay sleep and this effect is carried on to the next day’s life where we become weak in taking good decisions or even the efficiency of work slows down.

What one eats and drinks during the day significantly affects the sleep, along with other lifestyle habits.

By Modulating Some of our lifestyle Changes, one can Experience Good Sleep (Healthy Lifestyle)

Lifestyle change 1 Say no to caffeine

If one makes a slight change in the lifestyle by not taking coffee, tea, and soda, or chocolates, four to six hours before bedtime then one can get good sleep. We know that it is the caffeine in our coffee that wakes us up in the morning but is not aware that caffeine is found in other foods too. Instead, one can have a warm, milky drink or herbal tea.

Lifestyle change 2 Avoid nicotine

Similar to caffeine, nicotine, found in tobacco, also has stimulating effects. Smoking should be avoided always for optimal health, however, if one does smoking please, at least avoid it 45 minutes before bedtime to induce good sleep.

Lifestyle change 3 Avoid spicy, acidic and fatty foods

Spicy, acidic or fatty foods contribute to heartburn. When one go to sleep, then heartburn sensation is felt by one, this is due to the acid from the stomach leaks into the esophagus causing an uncomfortable feeling in the chest, and this hinders sleep.

Lifestyle change 4 Practice taking night food before 8.00pm

If one gets hungry before bed, avoid having a heavy meal. Instead choose a very light snack, like a small glass of milk and a snack which is low in sugar and fat.

Lifestyle change 5 Exercises for good sleep

Doing daytime exercise, even late in the afternoon, one finds a great way to boost energy levels for the rest of the day and helps one to get a good sleep in the night. Exercise also relieves stress, which can kick away insomnia. If one do the moderate exercises on a regular basis, such as swimming or walking, this also help one relieve some of the tension built up during the entire busy day. But make sure one is not doing vigorous exercises, like running or the gym, too close to bedtime, as it may keep one awake.

Sleep pattern also depends on one’s eating and drinking habits. The place where one sleeps also matters a lot (Healthy Lifestyle).

Lifestyle change 6 Keep a proper schedule of sleep

Proper sleep time should be managed, at least maintain 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Keeping the same timings every day will program one’s body to sleep better. Choose time according to one’s comfort zone.

Lifestyle change 7 Good Sleeping Environment

One’s bedroom should be a peaceful place for rest and sleep. It should contain all the optimum physical factors like Temperature, lighting, and noise. These factors should be highly controlled so that one’s bedroom environment helps to fall asleep.

If one has a pet, try moving it somewhere else if it often disturbs in the night.

Make sure the bed is comfortable

One should have a comfortable mattress should not be too soft or too hard, or a bed which is neither too small nor too old.

Lifestyle change 8 Write down worries

If one tends to lie in bed thinking about everything one has to do the next day, write down in the notebook instead of remembering it repeatedly, this would help one to remove their worries when one is in bed and trying to sleep.

Lifestyle change 9 Get up if not Getting Sleep

If one is not getting sleep, then do not lie idle, worrying about things. Get up and do something of your own interest and also relaxes self, until feels sleepy again, then go back to bed.

If still the matter is serious and it’s affecting your daily life then consult a doctor who could give you the right suggestions.

“Transform the lifestyle and the aura around you, the problem of sleep will be solved (Healthy Lifestyle)”


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