Good News For All Downey Fans: Robert Downey Jr To Reprise Iron Man for Disney+ Series

latest Iron Man News

latest Iron Man News : Fans were disappointed after the tragic death of Tony Stark in the Avengers: Endgame, and all their hopes of seeing Robert Downey as Ironman were shattered in the climax of Spiderman: Far From Home, which commences a new era of Avengers without Iron Man and Captain America.

Celebration Times For Robert Downey Fans

The latest news about Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)has specified a reason for celebrations to all Iron man fans.Some sources have declared that Downey Jr will once again join the MCU for an upcoming television show of Disney+

Iron Man Might Return In the New Web Series

The fact that the Avenger series and all the characters are all based on the famous Marvel Comics is common knowledge, and the latest series which Disney+ would host will alsobe based on a comic named Ironheart. The comic narrates the story of a teenage girl named Riri Williams, who is a science genius. She, by chance, gets access to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) created by Tony Stark, and the AI trains Riri to become Iron heart and continue Ironman’s legacy in his absence.

According to the sources, Downey Jr might return in the upcoming series of Disney+. There are doubts if he will physically appear, or will only give his voiceoverfor the AI. Though, MCU has yet to confirm the news, but the recent statement by Downey has made his fans excited. Downey in an interview said, Iron heart should become a part of the Marvel Universe. The statement, along with the rumours regarding his return on the Disney+ has raised our excitement for the upcoming web series.

Disney Plus: The New Video Streaming Services

Disney+ is the latest streaming service, and it might reach the top position after the launch of Iron heart. The new web series will illustrate distinct Marvel stories apart from the ones we have already seen in the Avengers series. The news about Robert Downey Jr joining the platform has already raised the craze for Disney+

We have to wait for the MCU to approve the rumours about Robert Downey reviving Iron Man on Disney+ because the latest Iron Man News has not been confirmed yet.


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