Govinda Claims to Refuse James Cameron’s AVATAR!


Yes! You heard it correct. In the latest episode of Aap Ki Adalat, Govinda has claimed that he refused to work with James Cameron.  The reason is even funnier, CAN YOU GUESS? Our own Chhote Miyan, who is famous for his colorful outfits, has refused the blockbuster movie because he didn’t want to be painted. We get to know about it because of Rajat Sharma, whom we all know for being the amazing host who fearlessly questions and cross-questions powerful figures. Whether it is a politicians, businessmen, sports person or actor, everybody fears to lie in front of him. He specifically touches on the topics, these celebrities tend to avoid in front of media. That’s the reason many of the episodes of Aap KI Aadalat go viral and create buzz on social media, and Govinda’s episode is no exception as Rajat had made Govinda tell some shocking truths about his life and choices.

Twitter users have started to troll him as Govinda’s Statement on Avatar has become a controversy

He has once again been successful in bringing spice from the 90s super star Govinda. By now, you might have seen some memes where the “Partners” actor is painted in blue with large ears. We can’t blame people for creating and sharing these memes, because Govinda himself, has admitted in front of Rajat Sharma that he rejected a significant role in James Cameron’s blockbuster science fiction titled Avatar.

People on social media have even initiated a campaign against him saying “Don’t Lie.” Although Govinda has revealed some more shocking facts about his career and relationships, but the meme makers seem to love his Avatar statement. The episode has yet not been aired on TV, still has gained much publicity through twitter where people are not even believing him.

There are people who don’t believe the above news, but I hesitate to doubt on a responsible person and public figure whom we have grown up admiring. Even if what he says is true, it was a bad decision I would say. Our Hero No. 1 has revealed some more information regarding his relationship with David Dhawan, and why he remarried his own wife, but people seem to prefer his statement regarding Avatar above all.

Can You Believe? Govinda Suggested the Title “AVATAR”

The best comic actor and dancer of 90s has asserted that James Cameron, a Hollywood filmmaker, approached him to play an important role, but the actor refused the same. On further queries of Rajat, Govinda reveals that he did not believe James could complete the movie in a short span of time, and what he was imagining was something next to impossible.

Cameron however completed the film without Govinda and it was a huge hit. The super dancer of Bollywood says he was not willing to paint his body for the shoot and that’s the reason he rejected this epic role. He, however, takes the credit for suggesting the title. Whether the title “Avatar” was suggested by Govinda or not, is something only Cameron can clarify. But meme makers have got a hot topic.


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