Govinda in Nach Baliye: Comments on Vishal Singh and MadhurimaTuli

Vishal Singh and MadhurimaTuli

In Nach Baliye, many couples are in love, and some of them were once in love, but Vishal Singh and MadhurimaTuli are in a love-hate relationship. Hatred is what they feel for each other, and love is what we see in their eyes, and this is what the dance choreographer Ahmed Khan told them after watching their very first performance. The judges could not believe they are not in love and asked if the fight between them is fake. Ahmed said, they are a mirror to each other, and their love is visible in their chemistry which is all passion, and fire.

Apart from the dance and talent, they are seen attracting all the limelight and attention with their constant fights and drama. They have become our favorite even after the disgust we feel at their fight.

Vishal Singh and MadhurimaTuli: Love-Hate Relationship

Vishal and Madurima have never hidden their relationship and the reasons for their breakup. Vishal told the media that he felt suffocated with Madurima, who wanted to change him. Madhurima, on the other hand, slams Vishal for insulting her and never listening to her opinion. Whatever the reasons might be, we want them to patch up and move together. As friends, if not lovers.

In the latest episode of Nach, Vishal shocked everyone by giving a rose to Madurima and reciting a Shayari for her. She responded that it is something that made her happy at the start. He started reciting such lines for other girls, once she said yes. The Bollywood Dancing superstar Govinda then commented on their relationship status and shocked everyone.

Recently, Govinda visited the sets of Nach Baliye to judge an episode where he surprised us with his performance with Raveena Tandon. He too learned about the rift and was shocked at the fact that Vishal Singh and MadhurimaTuli can’t even practice without fighting. Govinda pointed at Vishal, and said, I hate such people who do not understand the meaning of love. While Ahmed calls them Kabir Singh Jodi, who stays together even after differences, and requests them to be together Govinda intervenes, and comments, “Nobody should be forced to stay in a relationship as such people have multiple partners.” He continuous saying that when a person has multiple partners, it is not loved.


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