The growing craze for online Ludo

The growing craze for online Ludo
The growing craze for online Ludo

The childhood days have always been very entertaining and lively due to the number of games one could play at home. Ludo, carrom, chess and cards to name a few. These games have always been the source of rescue from the boredom. Apart from keeping one engaged in the pastime, it also helped in forging good ties with the people around, by bringing them closer.

The switch in the era was when these childhood memories were bound with the smartphones, the sole reason for the loss of interest among the kids today to play these compelling games.

Nowadays, Online Ludo has been one of the most popular addiction among almost all the age groups. The developer of this game was oblivious of this craze until one morning he got a call at 5am from a man residing in Bihar, asking him the cheat code of this game. It was then that Vikash Jaiswal, the developer, realized its growing sensation around the world.

Ludo King, made by Jaiswal’s company Gametion in Mumbai, is currently India’s most popular free online game and was launched on Google Play in January 2016.The game has a record of been downloaded almost 120 million times.

Today Online ludo is visible at every nook and corner of the society, be it among the group of security guards on roads or the corporate executives in AC cabinets, casting another source of connecting people. There are even local competitions of it in Jodhpur and a new eatery has also been opened in Ahmedabad at the end of August called “Ludo King Café”-as a token of its bulging hysteria.

Although online ludo has swept across borders, discovering devoted fans in fellow South Asian countries, as well as countries like Indonesia, Sudan, and Brazil, a significant chunk of the top developers igniting this insane wave is based in south India. The reason being that southern India has been a hub for almost 200 game developing companies.

India records the world’s highest number of app downloads on Google Play since the last one year. The main reason veiled among all the others for this being the advent of the Reliancejio “free” 4G plan services in September 2016, along with the launch of Jio phones in August 2017.This has swelled up the number of Android phone users and thus, the existing mania!

Ludo is a very ancient game, which has been prevailing since the time of Mahabharata and Mughal Emperor Akbar. Pachisi and chaupar are older variants of ludo.

Technology never fails to astound us with its practical application, raising a few notches every year and bringing out the best onto the table every time.


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