Habits That Are Bad for Skin

Habits That Are Bad for Skin

skin health tips : Skin is the outermost layer of our body. It is a kind of cover sheet which protects our internal organs from the external environment. All kinds of weather conditions are sensed and faced by our skin first and then transferred to internal organs. Our skin is porous, to help in removing waste from our body. It contains hair, which helps in the protection of skin and also provides a shield for skin safety. But, now days for beauty point of view the people are getting skin waxed and is entering into the glamorous world. Anyways it is ones choice, but one has to take care of their skin. But our habits and daily activities may actually be causing damage to our skin.

We want to treat our skin in a way such that one looks great. But some of the daily routines we may not think about can add up, to damage the skin. Leave about the complexion, skin health is nothing to do with color. To keep skin healthy there are certain things to avoid, some things to leave some things to implement.

Below, few skin health tips are discussed which one can take care to keep skin glowing, radiant and healthy.

1# Taking bath too much
Taking bath too much

Taking bath is must but if we are crazy of it then it is bad. We are already aware water contains chlorine, after shower, chlorine clings to skin and react with superficial use of cleansers, and even lotions which harms our skin. To remove chlorine effectively, always use a foamy soap after a dip.

2# Drinking Coffee

Drinking Coffee

Coffee is not for good for skin health. It contains caffeine, which are a major culprit of dry skin and the magnification of wrinkles. Hydrate the skin by drinking lots of water rather making a habit of taking tea or coffee. One can add fruit slices like orange or lemon in water to enhance the flavor. Orange, lemon and cucumber is otherwise also very good for skin health. Hydrating ourselves daily will not only help to fight off aging, but also give our skin a healthy glow.

3# Bouncing Meals
Bouncing Meals

Food plays the main role in giving nutrition to our body. If food consumption is not proper then anyhow it is going to affect our skin health. Bouncing meals can cause skin to age faster and dry out more quickly. Always try to include vitamins C (oranges), B3 (peanuts), E (avocados), and A (sweet potatoes) in the meals to build up your skin health.

4# Not Enough Sleep
Not Enough Sleep

Always it is said, a good sleep is must to keep you healthy. Similarly, a good sleep is also must for your skin health. Taking the recommended eight hours of sleep at night will not only help one look refreshed, but it will also replenish and rehydrate skin. Not getting a good sleep can results into dull skin and congested pores.

5# Too Much Sodium is harmful

Too Much Sodium is harmful

In Naturopathy it is always said that salt is a poison. Excess sodium in our diet can suck the moisture out of skin, leaving it dry and dull. To avoid the skin health to go bad, avoid eating too much of salt and avoid sprinkling it on fruits and eatables. Instead of investing in eating spicy and salty food, invest in natural foods for a glowing and radiating skin health.

6# Waxing Too Often

Waxing Too Often

These days’ people are becoming crazy of getting whole body waxed. This is very harmful because when done very frequently the skin gets stretched extraordinarily and then is relaxed back. But this process makes the skin lose and results into aging.  Too much waxing can also result in raw skin health and increased bumps. Give skin at least a month’s time to regenerate, especially in sensitive areas.

7# Shedding of Skin Too Often
Shedding of Skin Too Often

Shedding skin can remove all the necessary oils it needs to maintain our natural glow. Exfoliate the skin just once a week to keep it healthy. Clean pores may initially feel good but harsh cleansing or too much exfoliating can actually worsen oil production and worsen breakouts by spreading bacteria. An alternative to this can be, use a glycolic peel, three times a week to maintain a soothing skin health.

8# Stress

Stress, is the worst thing for one to show the sign of aging. It is worst to degrade your skin health and make you look old. It not only cause blemishes, dullness, and rashes, but also develops stress lines on the body. Frowning facial movements will also get engraved in your skin along with the time. Hence, to avoid stress, take time to do something you enjoy like yoga, reading, or cooking.

9# Avoid Sweets

Avoid Sweets

When one consumes too much sugar, it hurts the collagen cuddled up in the skin, leaving the skin drooping down. Avoid sweets and substitute it with fruits and vegetables juices and also wholesome fruits and vegetables like pineapple, mango, chikoo, apple, grapes, salads, leafy vegetables etc. Fruits provide a perfect skin health.

10# Not Enough Exercise
Not Enough Exercise

Exercise is the best for keeping good skin health. It helps to increase blood flow and gives our face a healthy glow. It also nurture the body and gives radiating skin health, in addition to it, it also cleans the toxins of our body, which are expelled during perspiration, and cleanses dead skins cells allowing new ones to grow. Without regular exercise one may see an increase in aging process.

11# Alcohol Intake
Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is intoxicating liquor for many people. But, it truly damages the skin health because wine, beer, and liquor dehydrate our skin, leaving it away from moisture. Without moisture, one is more prone to wrinkles and dryness.

                                     “Health Is Wealth Everyone Knows”

                        “This Is Very Much Evident With Our Skin Health”


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