Happy Women’s Day- Salute To The Spirit Of Womanhood

happy women's day

Women’s Day celebrations: Lets break the traditions!!

Like every year, March has arrived and with it, begins the preparations of women’s day celebration in every institution of the country. Workplaces are the centre points of women’s day celebrations. Rachna is excited to see the circular enlisting the events to be held this women’s day. The list is long including the Rangoli competition, Flower decoration competition, Fashion show to Short Speech competition. Most of the women are trying to decide as to which competition they should participate in. Here comes Swati with a disappointment with the event and is pleading other women to boycott the activities. Actually Swati has a point. Most of the competitions organized so far in their office are the reflection of the chores women perform being a woman. We mean the competitions are integral part of a traditional woman’s life. But today’s women are playing a greater role in society. They are not only a housewife, they have a logical opinion too. They are rational, they work while at the same time they do perform the role of  a traditional Indian woman.

Still the patriarchal society has inhibitions in accepting the gender equality. I guess the main reason behind this bias is the acceptance of the larger role of women by the male dominated world. The Man creed is yet to realize the potential of a modern woman. This will not be possible unless the women stop doing the bias with themselves. Women’s day is not just about winning competitions and organizing get together, it is about telling the world what we can do and we are no less than the men on earth.    Women today are more determined and full of self confidence in acclaiming what they deserve. Stereotyping them by limiting their roles to only Rangoli and decorations and some household activities would be injustice. In my opinion, women’s day celebration should be about reversing their roles with those of men’s. It may sound weird to some, but men should try to play the role atleast for this single day which has caged the personality of  women  since  time immemorial. We women also should look beyond these traditional ways and realize our true potentials. All the ladies out there, this women’s day, explore your true personality, search hobbies of yours, explore the hidden talents within you and perform so that the world is bound to accept the power of feminism. Happy Woman’s Day to all the woman.#iamflypped


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