Health Alert! Foods That Affect Your Risk of Heart Disease the Most

Health-Alert! Foods-That-Affect-Your-Risk-of-Heart-Disease-the-Most

Heart attack or cardio vascular problem has been one of the most deadly causes of the deaths. Today, with the growing stress and lack of intake of proper nutrients, the number of cardio vascular problems is on the rise!

One has to maintain a healthy lifestyle, in order to avoid even its slight symptoms!

Thus, to maintain a healthy heart, one has to follow a proper diet that goes as under:



Nuts are highly nutritious, due to the composition of all the nutrients in a balanced manner i.e. calories, proteins, fats, carbs, vitamin E, magnesium phosphorous, copper, manganese and selenium. It provides nutrients with a perfect amount due to its perfect balanced composition of all!

Seafood rich in Omega-3 fatty acids

They contain poly unsaturated fats, which provide number of health benefits, particularly cardio vascular. E.g. Salmon fish- it consists of the canola oil and the soy bean oil, which gives a boost to the health!


It consists of the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, water content, anti-oxidants, dietary fibre, cancer prevention properties, proteins and amino acids. Different vegetables have different composition of these, which helps in keeping one fit!


It also consists of numerous nutrients like it provides instant energy, essential fibres, contains various vitamins and minerals too. Different fruits have different composition and thus, can be eaten for a healthier life style.

Whole grains

They contain fibre, helps in lowering the cholesterol, lowers the blood pressure, helps in controlling the weight, redistributes fat, regulates blood sugar, has essential vitamins like B and E and also consists of essential minerals too!

Polyunsaturated fats
It includes soybean oil, corn oil, walnuts and flax seeds, which are rich in protein, minerals, omega-3 fatty acid and thus help in attaining a healthy heart!



It is termed as a silent killer, as it increases the amount of sodium in the blood, which gives rise to higher blood pressure, thus triggering the heart diseases. Therefore, it must be avoided.

Processed meats

It is termed as a source of “early deaths”. It is estimated that human body is 42% prone to heart attack by in taking processed meat. It is preserved with the help of the smoke, sodium and various chemical preservatives and thus, is never healthy. It is believed to consist of 4 times more sodium than the unprocessed meat. It is never preferred as it has many foul causes affecting the health and hence, the heart is at a greater risk!

Sugar-sweetened beverages

The sweetening content i.e. the sugar present in these drinks is in a very large amount and thus, is dangerous as this makes the body prone to diseases like obesity, tooth decay, heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Red meat ( such a steak or pork chops)

Red meats are high in saturated fats and thus trigger the increase in blood pressure and cholesterol. This triggers the diseases like cancer and heart related one’s and thus, must be avoided.


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