Healthy Employees Are Happy Partners

Healthy Employees

Healthy Employees: Wellness is the key to good health and happiness is the key to success. The healthy atmosphere at the workplace is an initiative to create happy employees which will add to productivity.

A person stands healthy when there is strong coordination between physical and mental stability. Outstanding performances and novel thinking can be expected from a healthy employee but these outcomes cannot be seen if the employee is not in his/her fittest self. All most all the job employees especially the corporates are facing an inactive life pattern which leads to obesity, constant fatigue, poor digestive system, sleeplessness, high anxiety, etc.

Looking at these pressures, corporate around the country have started adopting wellness measures for their employees at their workplace. It is true to say that prevention is better than cure and employers in order to bring good output should take health measures and promote wellness programs to provide a healthy lifestyle to their employees.

Reasons for Happy Employees

Healthy employees 1 Wellness programs

The best reason one should have wellness programs at the workplace is that employees do spend most of their waking hours at their workplace and with work pressure, the health factor remains unnoticed due to time constraints and a rigid schedule.

Healthy employees 2 Harmonization

Another factor for encouraging wellness is not just to keep the employees’ health sound but also to bring them close to each other in fun-filled activates.

This concept will bring harmony in the team and will lead to better performance at the workplace, increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism, and creates a holistic work environment.

Healthy employees 3 Physical fitness

 For physical well being, the corporate should have yearly health check-up plans and a registered dietician at the workplace to suggest a designed diet plan for the employee. Corporates should also encourage activates such as yoga, Zumba, aerobics, gyms and meditation rooms at their campus to break the monotony of the work pattern.

In addition to it, organizations should associate with healthy eatery strategies and provide these menus at the office canteen at a subsidized cost for employees to eat healthily.

Healthy employees 4 Health education

Health education is another very important initiative to be taken by corporate. Should arrange for the health practitioners, where an expert is invited to speak on certain health issues which would help the employees to identify any symptom of illness well in advance.

Healthy employees 5 Encourage for walking

The corporate can arrange for a challenge among employees which can motivate them to walk, around the campus after providing them with pedometers to keep track of how many miles they had walked and then awarding the person who has walked the highest of them for the same.

Healthy employees 6 Gym discounts

Corporates can also look up at tying up with gyms and provide a discount membership plan to encourage employees to make the best use of it.

Healthy employees 7 Mental health

Along with physical health, the mental health of an employee is also of prime importance. A person not keeping brain health appropriate will also not perform well, novel thoughts will not arise and would lead to a decrease in performance, task completion issues, loss of memory, longer reaction time and poor coordination.

Such employees need rejuvenation and it can best be done with silent moments in the day where the entire working of the organizations goes still for 5 minutes and go for meditation or deep breathing. It should be forced on each employee.

Some of the strategies can also be applied for creating happier employees like Short breaks away from the desks, an in-house library for self-reading, the act of being grateful has proven to the best in improving one’s self-confidence as it helps in encouraging and recognizing the work done by an employee. It’s found to curb depression, ease worries, enhance performance, provides a sense of accomplishment and self-worthiness, Signs, reminders, and posters with positive motivation, sharing helpful articles with employees on a regular basis.

These activities will lead to creating a workplace that promotes employee well-being with numerous benefits including a happy workforce, higher retention rates, increased productivity, and greater returns and reduce destruction and increase retention, which is a win-win situation for both employer and employee.

“Prevention Is Better Than Cure”

“Healthy employees make the organization healthy”


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