Here Are Some Unknown Health Benefits of Tomato

Benefits of Tomato

Tomatoes are considered as food and medicine both. It is considered a vegetable; in fact, it is a citrus fruit. They are used in many ways- eaten raw, in vegetables, soups, in salads or sandwiches and also physical applications for beauty.

Food Value

Tomato is highly nutritious and its health benefits can be accredited to their wealth of nutrients and vitamins. According to the united state Department of Agriculture, National Nutrient Database, tomatoes contain an impressive amount of Vitamins and Minerals. Ripe tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C. It is a natural stimulant for kidneys, and flushes away any toxins in it. It is found in different colors like red, orange, pink, green or the hybrid. It has many varieties which give different look and texture.

Benefits of Tomato

Botanical name- Lycopersicon esculentum

General name- Tomatoes

Composition of Nutrients in Tomato

The nutrient composition itself speaks on the health benefits. It is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins.

Let us have a look at the 5 powerful health benefits of Tomato:

Benefits of Tomato in Diabetes

As it is low in carbohydrate content, it is a perfect food for diabetic people. Rather it is also very good for normal people too, as there would be no risk in developing diabetes. But, a diabetic person should take it in their daily diet.

Benefits of Tomato in Obesity

Benefits of Tomato

Tomato acts like a scissor for trimming the fat. It is a safe and natural way of weight reduction. People falling into obese problem must take one or two ripe tomatoes in the morning. Belly fat comes down in a few months.

Benefits of Tomato in Liver problem

Benefits of Tomato

Fresh tomato juice, mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper, taken early in the morning acts as a tonic for the liver. People with any kind of liver problem, like cirrhosis or fatty liver, should take this regularly.

Benefits of Tomato in Eye and Skin diseases

Benefits of Tomato

It is a rich source of Vitamin A and E, thus prevention against eye and skin diseases like night blindness and dry skin, rashes, etc. The leaves of tomato boiled in water are a very good tonic for the eyes. The optic nerve gets treated, hence cures numerous eye problems and skin problems.

Benefits of Tomato in Lung Infections and Heart problems

 Benefits of Tomato

People with any kind of lung infection and Heart problem should take a glass of fresh tomato juice mixed with honey, a pinch of elaichi powder and 1 or 2 buds of garlic with it. Body resistance is increased and reduces any kind of lung infections and heart problems.

Benefits of Tomato in the counter effect of smoking Cigarette

Benefits of Tomato


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