Here Is Our Review on JudgemenalHaiKya?


JudgemenalhaiKya Review: Be it via controversies or by her movies, Kangana Ranaut always manages to stay in the limelight. Her new film JudgemenalhaiKya is a full ‘Paisa Vasool’ picture. After watching the film, the audience will be forced to pass Kangna and RajkumarRao with distinction without being judgemental. There is a tit for tat competition between the performances of the two actors.

Story: The film revolves around Bobby (Kangana Ranaut) who suffers from a mental illness known as acute psychosis due to the loss of her parents at an early age. She is preyed by hallucinations, acute anger, illusions, and mood swings and is sometimes unable to differentiate between real and imaginary lives. She works as a dubbing artist from South to horror movies. Indulging herself deep into the character she dubs for, Bobby starts behaving accordingly. Sometimes she imagines herself to be a cop while other times she becomes an actress in a horror film. A street fight lands her into a mental asylum for three months. During this period a man names Keshav (Rajkumar Rao) comes to rent Bobby’s house with his wife Reema(AmyraDastur). Bobby falls for Keshav but at the same time, she is suspicious of his activities. She starts to investigate but before she could end into something, a murder takes place in her locality. Bobby tries to convince the cops that the crime is committed by Keshav whereas Keshav blames Bobby. JudgemenalhaiKya Solving the murder mystery, both the suspects land into and unpredicted situation which none of them was prepared to face.

The producer PrakashKovelamudi has completely justified KanikaDhillon’s script. The first half of the film will tie the audience into a thread of suspense, thrill, and horror. The director has used commendable sets with colorful images to create very different thrilling effects. Though the second half of the film shows too many unnecessary details, a new track of story gives it back its hold. The inclusion of characters from Ramayana has made the movie rich in terms of its symbols. The producer was also successful in providing a face to the psychiatric voices inside Bobby’s mind. JudgemenalhaiKyaThrough the scene of trust between Jimmy Shergill and Kangna, the film gives a message about those suffering from mental illness. The film doesn’t let humor cumbersome over the real story. The background score of the movie is good but the climax is predictable. Producers could have made it more effective.

There is no second thought on the fact that Bobby’s anger, fear, and madness are very well played by Kangna. Be it her costume or her facial expressions, Kangna has proved her wits in every aspect. She has been successful in explaining the plight of people suffering from mental illness. Interesting thing is that RajkumarRao has nowhere lacked behind in proving himself. As a capable actor who he is, he has maintained the diversity of Keshav’s character. Hussain Dalal acts as a time pass boyfriend of Kangna in the movie. TanishkBagchi’s song ‘Vakhra’ has also gained high popularity while Amyra’s role is not much liked.

The film is a good investment for Kangna and Rajkumar fans as well as for those who love thriller movies (JudgemenalhaiKya).


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