High Calorie Foods To Avoid If You Are On A Diet

High-Calorie-Foods-To-Avoid If You Are On A Diet

We all desire to have that flat stomach and a healthy body. It is but possible when we stop the intake of high-caloric foods. Following are the foods we should avoid if have an agenda to lose kilos :


Just one slice of processed bread can contain up to 3 grams of sugar, making it one of the most caloric foods on the list. One can never lose weight if one keeps on eating bread in the morning.

2. Ice-cream

Ice-creams all very bad for health. You will gain kilos if you do not give up the habit of eating.  A strawberry ice cream, for example, has around 123 calories.

3. Diet Sodas

Diet sodas are no good and hence, should be avoided. Despite having less sugar, they have more sodium in their composition, which can cause water retention.

4. Margarine and Butter

One tablespoon of butter has about 80 calories. Margarine has hydrogenated fat which can make you fat.

5. Canned Tomato Pulp

When stored in cans, this product becomes harmful to your diet. It contains large amounts of sugar.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol is the root of all evils be it life or dieting. So, beware of booze! For instance, a glass of wine has around 65 calories, and can end up making you gain a few kilos if you overdo the drinking.

7. Gummies

Gummies and candy can also be harmful for your diet. Fat and excessive sugar make these candies true caloric bombs!

8. Hot Dogs

It is one of your worst enemies when it comes to dieting. They should be avoided no matter what.  Sausages contain high levels of sodium as well as toxins that make it difficult to reduce weight.

9. Pizzas

Yes, pizza is yummy but it can add inches to your tummy. It’s very caloric because it has several ingredients that, together with the dough, can wind up making you fat.

10. Hamburger

Hamburger is packed with calories, and of course, it usually comes with french fries, another food which contains a lot of fat. so, control yourself and ditch burgers.

11. Peanuts

If you want to lose weight, stay away from these nuts, as they can be very caloric, especially when caramelized. A package of processed peanuts contains around 1,200 calories.

12. Pasta

Pasta has a lot of carbohydrates, which make it highly caloric, especially if it’s accompanied by fat-rich sauces. We know it is scrumptious but we have to do without it.

13. Peanut Butter

is butter is one of the most caloric foods and it’s loved by many people all over the world. A tablespoon contains 94 calories. Imagine eating a whole sandwich with a lot of butter.

14. Cheese

Cheese can also be extremely caloric and a food to avoid if you want to lose weight. It also contains a lot of fat and can increase cholesterol, though it is rich in protein and calcium.

15 Chocolate

Due to its high sugar content, chocolate is a key food to exclude from your diet. Although it’s delicious, just three pieces of chocolate can contain up to 120 calories which can make you heavier.


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