The history of celebrating Friendship Day, the most beautiful day on earth


The history of celebrating Friendship Day, the most beautiful day on earth

Friendship is certainly the most divine relationship in the world. We cannot deny the importance of friendship in our life. There countless great people who have told that how friendship is the backbone of their life. Everybody has defined friendship in different word but we must agree the fact that this is always an incomparable asset in our life. To make this friendship accredited by the world the International Friendship Day is celebrated across the world.

This concept has initiated by United States congress in 1935. But it is also said that the concept of world friendship day has come from South American countries especially Paraguay where first friendship was proposed in 1958. It was initiated by Dr. Artemio Bracho while he was having dinner with his friends in town Puerto Pinascos situated in Paraguay on 20 July 1958.

This day symbolize the divine relationship of friendship which is acclaimed in the world. In Paraguay the world friendship day is celebrated on 30 July on every year. Different countries in the world celebrate this day on different days. In India this international friendship Day is celebrated on every first Sunday of August month. In the year 1998 on the day occasion friendship day, Nane Annan , the wife of UN secretary general Kofi Annan named Winnie the Pooh as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship at the United Nations. Â

Well we believe that our whole life should be dedicated to our friends and we are not obliged to a specific day. But since world is adapting this occasion of friendship so we should celebrate it. This is great opportunity to show your love to your friends. In this world a person is luckiest if he/she has great number of true friends.

Friends are always there for us whenever we need them. We have seen that today the world is facing so much violence and hatred which destructive and problematic for the progress. We can’t live our life with hatred, violence and terror. We need peace that can give our life optimum relief of mind and soul. Friendship and love are the way which can control this destructive approach of the world.

We need peace in the world and now it has time to spread peace of friendship so that we can create the great space for friendship. You can make your friendship day memorable by making a greeting card to express your affection to your friends. You can also go outside to celebrate a party with your friends. You can gift them their favourite things.

Spend your quality time with your friends so that they can feel special. There is no doubt that friendship is the most beautiful and divine relationship in the earth. So we should be glad we can make our friends happy giving them special treat on the occasion of international Friendship Day. Friendship has the strength to diminish the hard feelings and hatred from everyone’s mind so let us celebrate the event of peaceful occasion in the form of World Friendship Day.

Happy Friendship Day to All


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