Hobbs and Shaw Couldn’t Make It To Indian Box Office

Hobbs and Shaw

Ever since the release of Fast and Furious 7 in 2015, Hobbs and Shaw have swapped away all the attention. Since the time the two faced off, the audience had been waiting to see who is more fast and furious. Their wait ended on 2nd August when David Leitch’s Hobbs and Shaw was released.

The spin-off (Hobbs and Shaw) made connections with its main franchise (Fast and Furious), not only in terms of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham but also about its other characters. The former sworn enemies found themselves working together to save the world from the genetically enhanced Brixton (Idris Elba) who gains control over fatal biotechnology which could bring humanity to its knees.

What shocked the fans of Fast and Furious was the mere existence of the film, namely how it turned the supervillain of Furious 7 into a hero. Though this was the first time that the most desired actors, Johnson and Statham, worked without the rest of the Fast and Furious crew, the movie doesn’t seem to do justice to its fans.

Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw started with a decent collection on weekend, earning 60million at the domestic level and 180 million at a worldwide pace. But, ‘How much the movie justifies it’s a sequel?’ The answer now depends on how well it will do in China, home to a high number of Fast and Furious fans after it’s release on 23rd August.

With its opening in the United States, Hobbs and Shaw pushed away The Lion King from the highest position of ticket sales but the $200 million films were aiming for a higher popularity outside the U.S. After it’s weekend collection, Universal Studios official Jim Orr said “it’s super encouraging and really tells about how broad this franchise plays,”.

But with the end of the weekend, the popularity of the film also seemed to end. Hobbs and Shaw witnessed a drop of 55 percent on its 4th day. The drop increased further on day 5. In India, according to the Box Office reports, the fifth day of the film’s release dropped its collection further by 15percent. Making its net Earnings of 46.25 crores in India, here is what box office India Trade Network had said about Hobbs and Shaw:

“The film has not found appreciation and is likely to struggle to post the first week and it will be a shortened second week and its run will almost come to an end when Batla House and Mission Mangal release. The film will fall well short of the last two films of the franchise,”

Meanwhile, the sequel of Hobbs and Shaw is being planned by the makers. There is a buzz that Keanu Reeves and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds will be seen in the movie.


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