Homosexual Marriage Debarred In China’s Parliament

Homosexual Marriage

Homosexual Marriage is the beautiful relationship between two opposite gender people and this relationship becomes permanent after it is announced publicly and officially by the legal process. In a real sense, the bonding between the two people lasts till death. But in this long journey of promises sometimes the conflicts arise and the relationship gets interrupted, there could be logical or illogical reasons and the beautiful journey gets cut short by separations or divorce.

But anyhow, let us hope for the best and also wish the first bonding of marriage should be the ultimate and lasts till death.

But in this modern world the distortion in the marriages have spoiled this beautiful relationship.

In many countries, same-sex marriages are considered legal including India. But recently China has debarred Homosexual Marriage and will be illegal. A parliament spokesman said on Wednesday (21st August) that the marriage relationship between a man and a woman will only remain to be China’s legal position. But alongside it was also declared that this amendment is not applied to its neighbor Taiwan.

Taiwan’s parliament had passed a bill in May that endorsed same-sex marriage as legal. China, which claims that Taiwan is its territory, has come out with a prosperous gay scene in major cities, but there has been no sign the ruling Communist Party will provide the legality to same-sex marriage.

Zang Tiewei, spokesman for parliament’s legal affairs commission said China will never legalize same-sex marriage and also said Chinese law only allows marriage between two opposite genders.

He also said by this rule we can maintain our country’s national, historical and cultural conditions and traditions. Not only China, this would be favored by the vast majority of countries in the world. Even they would not be familiar with the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Though the individual Chinese legislators in the past few years proposed the annual meeting to legalize same-sex marriage but this did not gain success.

There are no laws against same-sex relations in China and despite growing awareness of LGBT (LGBT (or GLBT) stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) issues, the community has been the target of censors in recent months, and fears the growing intolerance.

Though campaigners have proposed changes in the civil code en masse, in spite of knowing the little chance of success. But some parts of the code relating to marriage are expected to go by into law next year.

The change in code would be on issues like sexual harassment, divorce, and family planning, but no question for the rights of the LGBT community.

Zang said the drafted civil code of the marriage section maintains the bond as being between a man and a woman only.

Sun Wenlin, a well-known gay rights activist told the global information provider headquartered in London (Reuter) that he was not surprised about this but was of course disappointed. As, he and his partner had sacrificed happiness for the country’s legal system, where they had submitted their application to get the approval for legality three years ago, but the plea was rejected by a Chinese court.

“They are discouraging our life plan of choosing to marry the person we love.”He also said that he felt as if the policymakers did not even give a thought for him.

Another activist claimed that there were cases in China of same-sex partners who had lost their homes after one of them died due to a lack of legal wedding protection.  I hope not to have such tragedies more and more said by the activists.

“Laws Are Made For Good, It Is Appreciable If One Accepts It Wholeheartedly and Implement in Life”


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