How does Virat Kohli stay so fit? Watch the Indian Skipper workout at the gym

How does Virat Kohli stay so fit-Watch the Indian Skipper workout at the gym

How does Virat Kohli stay so fit? Watch the Indian Skipper workout at the gym

Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kohli is not just champion in the field but you can see his passion for fitness. The 28 years old Captain is very conscious about his fitness that’s why you can watch him spending hours at the gym. Here we will know that what set Kohli apart from others and why he is considered as the fittest player in Indian Cricket team as of now.

At present one of the sensational Cricket teams in the world ,India has come a long way under the magnificent leadership of its young skipper. Virat Kohli has become the only Batsman in the cricket world whose average is more than 50 in all three format of  International cricket.

Virat Kohli has made a remarkable impact from the beginning of 2016 with ODI and T20I runs in Australia prior a record breaking IPL 973 runs which includes four massive hundreds

When it comes to the test cricket Kohli has become the first batsman to made substantial double hundreds in four consecutive series

As a captain Virat Kohli is ruthless and played continuous since the tour of the West Indies previous year. He also pleaded his teammates to be conscious about their fitness.

As a player it is necessary to sacrifice a lot. Talking about Indian cricket team, one can notice that they have restricted their food habits and are alert about the fitness of their body and mental stature.  No doubt that this Indian team is working hard on their fitness and diet. They are working better in five dimensions which includes  batting, bowling and fielding – fitness and long staying in the match. Now these players are concerned and alert about their fitness. They are absolutely aware that what kind of meal they need to consume and what should be completely avoid.

Virat Kohli had taken his fitness mantra to the next level after the poor performance in IPL 2012. he has significantly changed his eating habits. He realized the importance of fitness and transform his body to prepare for playing in three formats.

This player is definitely a charm and strength of Indian cricket. One can imagine his success and temperament  by watching his dedication towards the cricket and his body. The player like him not only improving in every matches but he is also giving proper motivation to his teammates also. When a skipper is intensive and committed to do better in every couple of match then how his team won’t get inspiration from him. Today he has got immense appreciation and accolade from Cricket fraternity and fans. It is because he is quiet focused and clear about his role in Indian cricket. he knows how to turn a match  interesting and have capability to win it.

“You can have the skill but do not think you need to train as much as a tennis player. But I realized if you want to stay on top playing three formats in this day and age you need a routine,” he added


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