How To Become Rich With These 10 Simple Vastu Tips

vastu tips

According to Vastu tips, the five elements- fire, water, earth, air and space form a combination of the cosmic energies. All these elements should be balanced to repel negativity away from your home. There are few home décor items that may shower wealth and bring prosperity in your life.

Here are some of the Vastu tips to get rich –

Purple Color Plant

It is believed that the purple color represents happiness and wealth. So, it is advised to keep a purple colored plant in your house. If it is difficult for you to find a purple colored plant then keep a money plant in a purple colored pot. It also brings abundance, positivity and better career opportunities. But, avoid keeping plants in the northeast direction


According to Vastu tips, Clocks play a major role in the way of wealth. Clocks are suggested to be placed in the north or northeast direction of a home in a working condition. It is believed that broken or non-working clocks delay and hinders the way of wealth.

Entrance Free Of Repairs

The entrance to your house is the main feature you can enhance, according to the Vastu tips. The entrance of the home attracts and welcomes positive energy, prosperity and wealth. Therefore, your door should be attractively built. Ensure there are no cracks or faults in the main door and the locks function smoothly.

Water Fountains & Aquariums

Place small water objects in the northeast direction of your house. This can bring in good momentums through money and positive energy flow. The form of an aquarium or a small water fountain is considered to be very auspicious. One must take care that water does not get stagnant and get dirty.

Clean And Organized Kitchen

According to Vastu Tips, the kitchen is the main energy source of the home and so it is responsible for prosperity and happiness. According to Vastu tips, a well maintained and clean attractive kitchen brings in wealth. In fact, it is important to keep the house maintained and clean to impress the Lord of wealth. If you are working hard to earn and save money, keep your home clean and clear.

Water Leakage Must Be Fixed Immediately

According to Vastu tips, water leakages in the bathroom, kitchen, and even outdoor garden area is symbolic of money leaking and signifies financial loss. This is to be taken care of, especially during monsoon any leakages of water from the walls or a broken pipeline within the home must be fixed immediately as they can bring great money loss.

Avoid Keeping Dirty Things Under Staircase

Avoid keeping dirty things like brooms, shoes and mops under the staircase, as this may create Vastu defects. Also, do not keep dirty things like these in the north, northeast and east direction of your house. All these directions are very pious and should be kept pure. You should avoid making the staircase in the northeast direction. No machines should be kept in this direction as well.

Vastu Tips For Painting and showpiece

Paintings, showpieces and statues influence finances, relationships, and health. Apart from augmenting the beauty of your home, these things enhance harmony, good luck, and peace. Paintings of a flowing river, a waterfall, a rising sun or a goldfish welcome wealth. The statues of Laughing Buddha, Ganesha idols or tortoise figurines are sources of enhancing financial conditions.

Vastu Tips For Cash Lockers.

According to Vastu tips, North and Northeast direction is considered as the direction of Lord Kuber, so the cash locker should be kept close to the South or South-west wall so that it opens in the direction of North. The opening of the cash locker in the North direction allows the lord to reside there. However, never place a cash locker under any focus light under any circumstances. This creates f financial stress. To attract more money, you can place a mirror in front of your locker. This symbolizes that your money is doubled.

Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Always keep your bed one foot above the ground to allow free flow of energy on the bedroom floor. Also, always open the windows of your room for at least 15-20 minutes in a day. This allows the circulation of free energy in the room and entrance of nature lighting brings positive energy with the flow of energy.


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