Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

How to Have Natural Straight Hair Without The Use of Keratin AND Salon Smoothening

how to have natural straight hair

Hair is one of the biggest obsessions that women have. It is as important as their fancy clothes & expensive jewelry. They are not only very particular about the style of it, but also the texture, trend, quality & quantity. Goes without saying, the girl gang without any doubts love to stay updated & upbeat about their hair & their trending hair dos. As any gorgeous look is incomplete for them without a perfectly set hair. And there is no match to a neatly done hair for them, is they nail it.

There are magical home remedies that help hair to remain natural & straight without the use of keratin and salon smoothing techniques.

The usage of one table spoon of castor oil along with one table spoon of soya bean oil  by heating them properly and then applying them can prevent frizz & damage of the scalp on a regular basis. It also gives  a proper straight & shinny look to the hair in a natural way.

A mixture of apple cider vinegar, warm water, olive oil along with aloe vera pulp is highly recommended for straight natural hair and the amazing shine that women are always craving for.

Also a thick mixture of these seven ingredients works like magic in order to get desired results like straight, smooth, shiny & silky hair.

A generous mix of a table spoon of coconut oil, almond oil, along with coconut milk and lime juice has marvelous benefits on scalp and hair separately. One needs to massage the mixture after applying it for a continuous period of 30 – 60 days.

Another mix of a table spoon of milk, water, egg, olive oil (each ingredient) serves as a tremendous savior when it comes to demanding of stand out, layered, straight hair. The mixture has to be well applied, massaged & coated at regular intervals.

Both the mixtures can be applied on any length of hair and also any quality of hair. These are some of the very very extremely easy to use methods at home for hassle free, frizz free easy flowing hair. The turnout of women and the success rate of them with great & positive results applying these ingredients are many in numbers.

The biggest advantage of these ingredients are, that they available very easily available at home. The ease of a natural method & relying on it comes with the peace of mind that one can do it on their own at any given point of time.

Any it goes without saying, that the quality of natural and home products are more satisfying than any other overrated chemicals & salon. And also there is no hassle for after treatment care just like in any process of salon or beauty parlor.

In the fast running, upbeat life all the above written process can be a little hectic but the results are worth it, post the entire application.

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