How to improve sense of humor tips for your personality?


The ability to create humor or appreciate a joke is called a sense of humor. Nowadays every man in the world is thinking of how to impress a girl with an excellent sense of humor, though it does more than just that. It actually elevates your personality to a whole new level.

The Sense of humor comes from within. Sure you can see a joke on the internet and mumble it among your friends and make them laugh but the real sense of humor comes from watching the surrounding and how it works. Looking for humor in everyday life is an important mantra. You may have an excellent sense of humor but people may not laugh at some of your jokes. That doesn’t mean you aren’t funny. The following are a few tips on how to improve your sense of humor to get that precious laugh from your friends.

Watch funny TV series and movies.

This is actually quite simple and a fun to spend your time. Many amazing comedians have grown up watching comedy series and movies. This expands their vision in humor. Seeing the characters and how they interact in a funny way, their dialogues and watching the performances can improve your sense of humor.

Surround yourself with people who are funny.

You cannot just wake up one morning and spit jokes around. You need a good company of friends who are funny and caring. The more you hang out with people who make people laugh the more you will appreciate good comedy. Surrounding yourself with funny people can do wonders to your sense of humor.

Practice makes man perfect.

If you are eyeing to be a professional comedian, you need to practice your jokes time and time again. From the delivery of the joke to the timing of your joke, everything needs to be perfect. This can get a good chuckle from the audiences and they will laugh their hearts out.

Never overdo it.

The thing about being funny is that you should know where to end. Overdoing your jokes or even prolonging them lead to some bad reactions. Every joke should have a proper end attached to it. It doesn’t mean you cannot say long jokes. As long as it has a fun ending, you are fine.

Don’t be mean.

Comedy is a difficult ladder to climb in modern times. If your audience gets offended by your jokes, they may never see you again. It’s a difficult path but the point to remember is don’t me mean. Tolerance levels among people are different and your mean jokes might offend them. So keep it as clean as you can.

Learn to laugh at yourself.

Self-deprecating humor is one of the best kinds of humor existing in this world. Laughing at the dumb things you every day not only will have a positive effect in your life but it will also help you in improving your sense of humor.


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