How to secure your cryptocurrencies


The prevailing hype of the “Bitcoin hack” does not literally mean that the Bitcoins are hacked, in fact, the Bitcoins have never been hacked, it’s the people associated with it. The hack may be due to the computer or laptop hardware or software failure, compromised exchanges and sometimes even a piece of paper can reveal all that the hush-hush!

To do away with such awful loses, there are certain ways in which you can always secure your cryptocurrencies!

Firstly, the cryptocurrency software wallet – Exodus, remains an undeterred answer to all the hackers around the world. It may not be the most secure one but yes, it is something definitely worth using!

One of the Exodus users shared his experience of using it and was utterly gleeful by its implementation and quality. He revealed that while his computer failed due to some hardware problem, he still continued to bag the bought crypto coins into his “Dead computer wallet” without a hitch and thus, expanded his portfolio. Later on, when he purchased a new laptop, all he had to do was just download the app and enter his 12 words passphrase and Bam! Every information was already updated and devoid of any kind of stumbling block!

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The ceaseless craze of cryptocurrency has rapidly burgeoned from $20 billion at the start of the year to almost $129 billion by the quarter. That is equivalent to almost a whopping 6 times of the initial number. No smartphone, no technology and nothing has ever fazed out this wild ever in the history before!

Well with such a ravishing growth of wealth, on one hand, there is also an equivalent threat of preserving such huge affluence by the hackers who are eternally hunting from pillar to post for something worth hacking! Besides, Only a hacker can beat a hacker! Yes, even the ‘white hat hackers’ exist who tend to keep a constant check on the vulnerabilities in the smart deals in order to preserve the millions of wealth of a company. Such hackers pour out the ways of preserving the worthy cryptocurrencies as well!

You can begin with the usage of the cryptocurrency wallets to enhance the security of the same to many folds!

Online Wallet

Well, this works as a Hotmail for a bitcoin. You can access it for a short duration of time. Stashing the passphrase offline is always an undying issue as they never permit it. Besides, hackers term it as a honeypot. This is because if in any case, your well-trusted browser keeps a hacking-keen eye on you or in any case your online wallet itself gets hacked, either way, it’s always a risk, not-worth taking at all while dealing in millions!

Mobile Wallet

It is also a temporary wallet for socking away your day-to-day smaller amounts of crypto. Knoff off a purchase, lend your friend money, it’s a convenient channel for an easy exchange of smaller amounts but also hails with a security cost.

One of the users asserting it’s security claimed that upon purchasing a new Oppo mobile phone, Jaxx, a crypto mobile wallet came built-in with it and when he opened the account to view his passphrase a click sound of the snapshot followed it, indicating that his phone was being rooted after which he immediately uninstalled it! So, make sure the mobile wallets that you use are secure enough not only to channelize but also to stash-in your extras!

Desktop Wallet

Here comes the Exodus world! It is till date a really secure wallet that can be installed on your PC. They tend to store your passphrase offline and thus, even if you end up losing your PC, you can still access your crypto.

However, if you are much into the online gaming, porn viewing and downloading of the non-certified apps then in this case, it is recommended not to hold the desktop wallet on your PC. Always remember to keep one device virtually that is  “Factory OEM”, which means that you do not end up storing anything in it that could trade-off your security!

Hardware Wallet

It is one of the best secure wallets, as it is known to be an intention-forged USB key that requires a passphrase to access its data and can also be operated offline. It is a ROM based software and hacking into it is never a cake walk! However, if you tend to use it blissfully on an off-balance machine then definitely it’s a bad apple and can hail all the opposites to what is stated above.

The two most popularly trusted drives are Ledger Nano S and Trezor which can be used for storing your cryptocurrencies securely. You can always make use of a thumb drive with a really hard encryption to crack!

A hardware wallet is for stashing the motherly load i.e you can treasure-trove your weekly and monthly bitcoins in it but with an appropriate keenness attached to its tangible security!

Paper Wallet

They are termed as the staple for the crypto “cold storage” and are known to be in existence prior to any of the above-mentioned ones. You can print it out and stash it secretly in your bank deposit secure-box, storage box or at any other secure location. It’s one of the best -considered wallets till date. It is also a part of the “cold storage” crypto wallet.

Paper wallet comprises of your key and passphrase all printed out on a single piece of paper which is devoid of any type of software hacking and can be preserved anywhere you like. The only drawback it possesses is it’s really wearisome!

 Besides, when you aren’t actively prying with your cryptos then it is the best to stock them off in your secure cold-storage and not online as despite the complicated online encryption if in any case its hacked, then you will end up losing your entire savings within a fraction of seconds.

In addition, always count for a two-way authentication as quoted by the Hercules of the cryptocurrency and Blockchain space like Brock Pierce through Faction One, Bryan Larkin, a well-reputed white-hat hacker, “If you are not using a 2-factor authenticator then you are a target.”

He has even put in light the various cryptocurrency exchanges that now hail a system of a new passphrase with every entry in order to access the particular stage. It is in addition to the usual secure passcode.

The most popular one supporting it is the Google Authenticator. You can easily download the app on the phone. The only way to gain the access into your privacy is by stealing your phone, so it’s a worriment if you end up losing your phone and besides, it could be really cumbersome to get the access of your same account!

With every login it asks up a random code that is generated following it and although, it doesn’t make the hacking a no-win yet definitely a hard one to kneel on!

Bryan, along with Hartej, another white-hat hacker also quoted the insecurity in using the text messages. They revealed that the hackers can easily gain the access to your SIM cards, by contacting the desired person’s SIM card operator and requesting them to reset the particular SIM card. In this case, he can easily peek into the happenings on your number with utter ease. Such trespassing into your privacy can be avoided by calling the operator yourself and clearing him that resetting of your SIM must never be done at any cost and even request him to shut your account down. They will readily compel to your demands.

Also, by installing BitDefender, MalwareBytes, and turning off Javascript on any machine can make you sea away from the hackers if you desire to stash your cryptos in it!  


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