Hrithik Roshan on Kangna Ranaut – “No evidence, No Witness, yet we want to believe the other party because the rhetoric is – why would a girl lie!!

Hrithik Roshan on Kangna Ranaut - No evidence, No Witness
Hrithik Roshan on Kangna Ranaut - No evidence, No Witness

“People with clenched fists, cannot shake hands. Similarly, people with shut minds cannot think sane!!”

There is this ostensible cliché that “Why would a girl lie!!”, “Girls can’t do that”, “Boys always cheat”, “Boys are Stone-hearted” and so many others!!

Well, I would just like to question as of why is there’s this differentiation so biased when it comes to a gender???


Yes, I certainly agree that girls are different, but only with respect to the inclusion of the natural steroids in the body. Apart from that, we all fall under the same category i.e. “Homo Sapiens”.

Girls are taught to be extremely respected, since our childhood!

All of us have been imbibed with the values like “Respect a girl”, “Never hurt a girl”, “Girls are sensitive, don’t make her cry!”Well, they are respected because they are the bearers of the future!! And for that! Certainly even must be!

But this really does never mean that they are always right and can never lie!!NO NO NEVER!

As in the end, we are all humans, and as the saying goes:


This means, that nobody is perfect and everybody has flaws! Even WOMEN!

Do not mingle both the concepts, for god’s sake!!

Regarding the Kangana- Hrithik’s controversy, I really never happened to have thought anything in anybody’s favor, as anyone could be lying, for some reason!

Now going by whatever we have been hearing: Let’s for a little change go through it, by being into a man’s shoes i.e. Hrithik Roshan:

We have all been wondering, as of why Hrithik Roshan has been quite all this time, while Kangana Ranaut has been publicizing about it, where ever she has been! After four long years, finally, he unravels his side:


Being quiet in such situations reeks the person of guilt, irrespective of the truth!

Upon asking this, He said that he has always believed in engaging himself in something worthwhile that would make him more inventive, innovative and fruitful!!. He also said to have an attitude to turn a deaf ear to something, not of his concern or resembling an epidemic disease.


He has finally, openly confessed that he did work with her, but other than that, had no private relationship of any sort with her. He questions that if she claims, for them to stay together for like seven years, then why is it that they don’t any picture together. Also, he’s ready to submit his passport as a proof, that he hasn’t been anywhere near Paris in 2014!


He very calmly stated that the media and the entertainment industry has stopped asking Kangana anything about the controversy, as she has already played the girl card and as per the society, it is believed, considering women as a victim. where as the man is the aggressor! This is the basic problem of the people around! Considering girls as “ABBLA NAARI!”, which in many cases, they are not!!


He confesses that he is a very calm person and even his divorce, took place in a very peaceful manner. He’s not angry at all and I have been supported by his family, undettered. He only believes the truth to be out in the open as soon as possible!! Because it might shadow a grave on the impact the family and the career together!

Why are always guys considered at fault by default, without even considering his say in the matter!!

This phenomenon is alive in every aspect of life.

Now, considering tiffs in relationships, a girl spurts out with ease “you used me “, but I don’t realize one thing, that did you or did you not permit that to happen at the first place!! Then why are only the guys blamed! Wasn’t the guy used – if so?

Boys are criticized most of the times, just because they are boys! Believe it or not! It’s true!

Women empowerment is so misguided in our society! It does not imply subduing the boy’s right, even for him to live peacefully! And despite everyone’s understandings, it is blindly followed!

If a girl cries, whether genuine or fake! Then she is just believed, to be honest, without even giving a chance to the opponent to justify himself!!! I mean what??!!

Do not believe me!

Well then, do a thing! Go out with your male friend and just shout “He is following me!!” after this, you can’t imagine, what might happen to him, by the people around!! Nobody will even lend their ears, to what he has to say! He will simply be abused and worse! Arrested!

I am not in anyone’s favor, but towards “What is right!” So, stop being biased towards women and start searching for the REASONS, being unbiased!! Let both the sides try this crazy method “Speaking” and others “listening”!!

Lastly, comprehend and instill in you, the true meaning of women empowerment!!



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