Imagine If Thanos Was From India: These 5 Situations Will Make You Laugh

If Thanos Was From India

Starting this article by asking if you are a Thanos fan or not, would be incorrect because there might be people who have yet not watched any of Avenger movies, but Who Cares about Them! Ha-ha. We, including all the Marvel fans, live in a fantastical universe where a hammer reminds us of Thor, a plate reminds us of Captain America, and the list goes on.The release of Avenger: Endgame has geared many memes and suppositions and there is no doubt Marvel has a global fan following. The entire series was based on gems and stones with magical powers, and India is the hub of mysteries and superpowers. Have you ever imagined if Thanos was from India? The answer is simple, any of the Indian superheroes would have defeated him.

But, there are many more ideas you can think apart from his fight with Krrish,Shaktiman, G-One, & Mr. India. We can think of numerous ideas including his life style and family.

If Thanos Was From India

What If Thanos Was From India?

I have come up with a few ideas considering Thanos and other Indian Villains, and these ideas are very crazy. I am sure you would be amazed after reading because I am feeling the same while preparing this article for you. Thanos would have had some habits in common to Indian villains; and a lifestyle which was missing in the Marvel Series.

➤ Thanos’ Sambha and Kaliya

Thanos' Sambha and Kaliya

We know Thanos ruled an army of villains, but he was alone to guide them. Don’t you think if Thanos was from India, he must have had Chamchas? Can we, by the way, assume Loki and Hydra as his puppets because they also have been great villains in the absence of Thanos? Just like Gabbar had a historic conversation with Sambha and Kalia, Thanos would definitely taunt and punish his puppets after losing battles against Avengers.

➤ Thanos Khush Hua

Thanos Khush Hua

No, I am not saying Thanos would have said this line, but he would have said something. I mean, literally! Every Indian Villain has a famous one-liner which we can never forget. Be it AmrishPuri’sMogamboKhush Hua, Amzad Khan’s KitneAadmiThe, or Shahrukh’sK-K-K-K-Kiran. Thanos is our supervillain, he must have a classy one-liner. Ummm, let me guess, Can it be KitneAadmi BacheHain? Offcourse not! Then, how is Main Duniya Bacha Lunga, Chutki Baja Ke? I am really looking forward to your suggestions on finding a killer one-liner for Thanos.

➤ Is it Infinity Stone or Naagmani?

 Is it Infinity Stone or Naagmani

Laughing? When you think of powerful stones in the Indian context, don’t you get the picture of Naagmani? In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos had to first search, then collect, and at last light the six infinity stones to get the power. Very Tiring, I must say! It would have been easy if Thanos was from India. He only had to visit the Purana Shiv Mandir, kill the Naaginout there, and get the magical gem. Task accomplished. Now for god’s sake don’t start imagining Thanos fighting with Mouni Roy.

➤ Nebula and Gamora Dedicating a Song for Thanos

Nebula and Gamora

Great! The only complaint I have with Marvel is they don’t add touching songs. Just Kidding! But Indian movies are filled with songs, and we have a song for every situation. The character of Thanos cannot be discussed without mentioning his daughters, who have served a great example of Papa kiAaagyakariBetiya. So, if Thanos was from India, his daughters must have sung, Chanda Ne PuchhaTaaro Se for him.

Imagine Gamora and Nebula Singing, Sab se Pyara Kon Hai, Papa! Mere Papa

➤ Thanos Must Have Had a Luxurious Life

If Thanos Was From India

India is a country where villains enjoy a better lifestyle than heroes. Don’t you remember “Kaal Ki Kaynaat,” where Vivek Oberoi lived in Krrish 3? The Bollywood villain had created a different universe for himself where he lived and continued his experiments. Most Indian villains design a classy den for themselves which nobody knows about, and if Thanos was from India, he must have had a luxurious hideout. You are wrong if you have imagined a five-star hotel type location. Don’t forget our villain is an environmentalist. So, the best place for him… might be Kashmir? After all, he is the great Thanos! He could end the terrorism with a Chutki

Creativity has no limits when someone has an undying curiosity, and I mean it. We can think of the funniest ideas to associate with him, if Thanos was from India. We can also think of some famous Indian Songs that perfectly fit in the Avenger situations, and you are welcome to suggest situations where we can add Bollywood songs. And yes! Don’t forget to suggestthe Best One-liner for Thanos.


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